Lucasfilm Developing Rey Spinoff Which May Explore Palpatine’s Son

As fans had theorized, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker revealed that Rey is related to Palpatine, with the heroine unveiled to be the granddaughter of the evil Emperor. This meant that her parents weren’t exactly the nobodies that Kylo Ren had spoken of in The Last Jedi.

As he clarified in Rise, her mother and father made themselves nobodies – in his view – when they rejected Palpatine and tried to save their child from his influence, sacrificing their lives to keep her safe. It’s specified that Rey’s dad, as played by English actor Billy Howle, is the son of Palpatine, but we’re left to wonder how he turned out to be a decent person when he had Darth Sidious for his old man. Likewise, we don’t know anything about his wife and Rey’s mother, as played by Killing Eve star Jodie Comer.

As the revelation of Rey’s heritage was kept a secret beforehand, no tie-in books or any other materials have offered up any new information about her parents, either. However, all the answers could come out in a future Star Wars movie. Rumor has it that Lucasfilm is developing a Rey spinoff because the studio wants to explore more about Palpatine’s son in a future Star Wars movie. Apparently, we’ll get to see the details surrounding his birth, how he fell in love with Rey’s mom and, ultimately, how he turned away from his own father.

It’s hinted that Ian McDiarmid would return for the project, too, and while it’s unclear if this would be an entire film centered around the Emperor’s son or if it would just be explored in-depth in a related movie, the site says we’ll definitely get to see more of Rey’s dad in the future.


Does this sound like a path you hope Disney & Lucasfilm pursue? Or are you done with the story of Rey and her lineage? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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