Lucasfilm Can’t Get Even Star Wars Animation Right… But the Fans Can

As Bob Iger spends the week being baffled as to why Disney’s stocks are plummeting, Lucasfilm hilariously releases this:



Just as with their other lame web series, the Pavlovian SJW defense is that it’s aimed at kids.  For the SJW, anything that sucks is meant for kids.  They’re unable to distinguish between good kid’s programming and “shitty” kid’s programming.  If it’s dumb, then it must be for kids in the SJW pea-brain.  Even though articles are now being written about Star Wars no longer appealing to kids.


For instance, Johnny Quest was a kid’s show, but it sure as heck wasn’t lame. Either was Gotchaman, G.I. Joe, Thundar The Barbarian, Transformers, Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, Silverhawks, Bravestar, Blackstar, Skeleton Warriors, M.A.S.K., The Herculoids, The Pirates of Darkwater, Voltron, X-Men, Batman The Animated Series, and many others.  In fact, Digital Spy asked the question:


Where did all the cartoons for big kids go?

What will become of a generation with no ThunderCats of their own?

It’s all too easy to assert that things were better back in the day, but just take a look at this list of hit cartoons from the 1980s and ’90s and then try arguing that pre-teens of that era weren’t absolutely spoilt.

But 20-30 years on and, for the most part, these action-oriented shows aimed at pre-teens seem to have vanished.

It’s so, so important that kids who’ve outgrown pre-school fare have something new to move on to. Something with substance.

Remember how amazing it felt as a kid, transfixed in front of the television with a bag of Space Raiders and discovering shows like Batman and X-Men and Gargoyles that weren’t talking down to you?

Beyond the bright colours and the rocking theme tunes, these shows served to safely expose kids to adult themes and issues, everything from racism to drug abuse.

They were slick, they were complex, they were smart – and at an uncertain and difficult age for kids, they made you feel smart and grown-up, too.

“That [pre-teen] audience is underserved,” executive producer Lauren Montgomery tells Digital Spy.

“It’s a strange thing, but I think there’s still that mentality that ‘animation is for kids’ that exists in America and I hope that shows like Voltron are taking steps to change that.”

There’s superb, groundbreaking animation out there for adults. There’s brilliant cartoons out there for very young kids. But what’s happened to the cartoons for older pre-teens?

Not just animated sitcoms, but serious-minded shows that respected their young audience? Cartoons with action and high stakes? Mainstream hits given proper promotion, appreciated not just by a minority of passionate fans, but by an entire generation?


Well, those shows are now being replaced with shows that appeal to middle-aged feminists who fill their apartments with Funkos.


Meanwhile, Otis Frampton has a spectacular concept for a kid’s Star Wars animated web series that goes completely ignored by Lucasfilm’s counter-creative staff.  A show about Jawas that has the potential to be interesting and appeal to kids and adults alike.



And it appeals to women too.  Geek Mom says “Let’s Make This Happen.”


You can read Otis Frampton’s Jawa Adventures pitch here.


But instead, kids get Lucasfilm’s balls.  An odd motif for a patriarchy-smashing Lucasfilm.  Didn’t Angry Birds already do that anyway?




The BEST Star Wars material is coming from the fans.





TIE Fighter - short film





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