Low Ticket Pre-Sales: Is DC’s Birds Of Prey Movie DOA Already?

Cosmic Book News found signs that Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey movie, which is being marketed on her role as Harley Quinn and woke propaganda, appears to be selling pretty dismally in advance ticket sales:


Could DC’s “woke” Birds Of Prey movie be DOA before it’s even released as apparently nobody is buying tickets?

Birds of Prey tickets actually went on sale Wednesday which saw me scoop up three tickets about an hour after they went on sale for the Thursday night preview.

I was expecting the theater to be near sold out, as usually for a Thursday preview night if I don’t get tickets as soon as they go on sale, I’m sh-t out of luck.

Well, I actually bought the first three tickets in the movie theater.

On our way to the Buffalo Sabres hockey game tonight, I mentioned to my 15-year-old son that I had bought tickets for Birds of Prey next Thursday. He asked me how many (in hopes that I didn’t buy him one as he has no interest in seeing the flick; he really didn’t like Suicide Squad, so he isn’t too excited about Birds of Prey, though I did tell him the two aren’t related), but I did end up getting him a ticket.

So tonight I checked the theater to see how many tickets have been sold, and to my surprise, only two other tickets have been sold.

I thought it may have been a fluke (that’s why I joked about it on Twitter; see below), so I checked some other times.

A Thursday preview 9 pm showing has no tickets sold.

Likewise, the IMAX Thursday previews have sold barely any tickets at all, if any, as it seems odd that a few aisle seats have been sold and a few seats up front.

The Friday showings are more of the same.

Later, they got word from a Los Angeles source informing them sales receipts were pretty bad alright:


Following my articles about Birds of Prey tickets not selling, I’ve just been contacted by a source in Los Angeles that says the flick is “dead in the water.”

While we simply have to check the online ticketing apps, such as Fandango and Atom, to see that no one is buying tickets, a source close to the movie theater industry in Los Angeles fills me in that “there really are no tickets being sold for Birds of Prey.”

“All the local theaters are dead in the water with presale tickets,” the insider says who is connected to one of the largest theater chains in the Los Angeles area.

The insider goes on to note, that just as I and other fans have done, checking screenings reveals “there are literally showings with zero tickets sold.”



If this makes any sense, we could soon be witnessing one of the worst selling products of wokeness propaganda, and lowest selling DC adaptations to date. If anything, it tells that you shouldn’t market the movie in such a manner either, because people aren’t fooled by this idiocy forever. A movie centered around a psycho and baseball bat attacks is not my cup of tea either. We’ll see next week what the actual receipts are, but if this is something to go by, it looks pretty dim, and original series developer Chuck Dixon deserves far better.


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Avi Green

Avi Green

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