Look Who’s Writing Marvel Comics New Company Wide Crossover ‘Empyre’

The Hollywood Reporter’s given a description of the upcoming Empyre crossover, and oh my, look who the top writers for this newest waste of resources are, whose names are in fact already among several credited to Incoming:

Beginning in April, the story — written by Dan Slott and Al Ewing, with artwork from Valerio Schiti — “grows out of a number of key Marvel stories including the Kree-Skrull War, the Celestial Madonna Saga, the origin of the Young Avengers, and a bunch of others,” explains Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort in the announcement video for the project.

More directly, it grows out of Incoming!, the oversize holiday issue Marvel released in comic book stores and digitally last week, which introduces some of the players (and stakes) for the series, most notably Teddy Altman, the Young Avenger known as Hulkling, a Kree-Skrull hybrid who has finally united the two alien races after years of constant conflict. Now, they have a common enemy…which isn’t good news for Earth.

C.B. Cebulski may have decided to give Slott the assignment because he largely cut out his trolling/harrassing on the web and social media in the past year, along with his incendiary political tweets, but there’s some people who just haven’t forgotten how loathsome he was in personality, which only rubbed off on his already unreadable comics work. To think he’d even once claim Mary Jane Watson was “anti-Marvel” at the time Stan Lee was still alive, clearly confident the late veteran wouldn’t say anything because he unfortunately never criticized Marvel’s conduct under any circumstances. I think Slott alone is reason enough not to buy Empyre, and they probably gave him the assignment to precipitate Marvel’s eventual collapse. Of course, Ewing, as noted earlier on my blog, also has his own share of bad stories.

And there’s already been plenty of tales drawing from notable early works like the Kree-Skrull War and Celestial Madonna, one more reason we could do without Slott and Ewing’s take on those classics, which are far superior to the former’s Spider-Man writing on that loathsome spinoff volume starring Dr. Octopus.

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Avi Green

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