LOL! Marvel Comics Hires Zoë Quinn

We’ve seen a lot happening within the editorial halls of Marvel Comics over the past 5 years that a lot of long time fans simply don’t feel good about. And to top it all off, in Fearless #3 there’s a Hellcat story that’s being penned by Marvel’s latest new-hire, controversial Vertigo Comics killer, Zoë Quinn.


Their decision for this really perplexes me, because making and distributing comic books is about selling them, right? So if a publisher really wanted to sell comics, they would hire talented writers, and generally people that can represent their brand in a positive way. So what am I missing?


Quinn is neither of those things. Her last series helped kill off Vertigo Comics it was so bad. And she has a history of lying, being manipulative, scamming people out of money, and attacking people on almost a daily basis. But sure, Marvel, go ahead and hire her. Brilliant marketing idea.


I was honestly shocked at this decision, because I mistakenly thought Marvel was going to be doing better. This is absolutely a step in the wrong direction.


In my video below I go through the entirety of the news surrounding the hiring of Zoë Quinn, to not only Marvel Comics, but to IDW publishing also.


Tristen Just

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