Like DC, Marvel Comics is Cancelling a Bunch of Comics Too

ComicBook reported that Marvel’s cancelled several titles they had in their recent output:


As the comics industry continues to grapple with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its effects on their publishing schedules, some previously solicited comics have had their physical publications cancelled. Bleeding Cool brings word of the latest from Marvel who have taken the axe to a number of comics that had been solicited for the first part of the year and then delayed into the later part of 2020. Now that we’re in the later part of 2020 a select number of books have been cancelled outright including future issues of Morbius and Valkyrie Jane Foster. Also on the chopping block is the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Adaptation, seemingly putting the entire series in jeopardy. […]

As of this writing Marvel Comics has release solicitations for their titles that will be released from now until February of next year, with a number of other titles that have been notably absent from these listings. To take it a step further, next week will see the publisher begin their “King in Black” crossover event which will move across a number of titles throughout the Marvel Universe and isn’t limited to Venom/Spider-Man titles.


Considering all these vapid company wide crossovers are among the reasons for their plummet in sales, it’s a wonder they’re going through with this newest one at all. It does look like all that propaganda the titles with Jane Foster as a deity were built on didn’t work out in the end. And look what other titles there are among the absent:


Though unconfirmed by Marvel, it seems like these plans might have put some regularly published comics [on] holds as titles like Captain America, Black Widow, and Deadpool are absent from the February 2021 solicits.


Wow, so Cap’s ongoing series might be among the coming titles culled from their schedules? If such a prominent character as the Star-Spangled Avenger was suspended from publication, that’s got to be saying something. As anybody paying careful attention in the past 2 decades knows, Steve Rogers fell victim to ultra-leftist propaganda as early as the Marvel Knights branded series from 2002, which was built on 9-11 Trutherism propaganda, and more recently that same mentality that led to such an unreadable book (written by Jon Ney Rieber) resulted in Steve being replaced in the costume by characters such as Falcon for the sake of diversity pandering and political posturing, and worse, so that under Axel Alonso, Steve could be turned into a Hydra-Nazi. And however and whomever was cast in the costume, the worst part is that leftist ideologues like Ta-Nehisi Coates were assigned the writing tasks, and even Mark Waid, who once did some decent work on Cap in the late 90s, went downhill in the past 2 years and wrote some stories that only made things worse on his part. Kirby and Simon would be rolling in their graves if they knew this was happening.


If Cap’s title has been cancelled, that’s actually a blessing for Cap fans like myself, and does a favor for Kirby/Simon to boot, because then, there’ll be less exploitation of Captain America for the sake of far-left agendas. Although there’s been no official discussion yet – not even as rumors – over whether Marvel could be planning to quietly close down comics publishing, the cancellation of a number of these recent titles does bring them pretty close, as now, after the impact of the Covid19 situation, they won’t be able to publish as many ongoing series as before. A big mistake made in the past two decades was when certain titles began as ongoings rather than miniseries that could test waters for a monthly ongoing follow-up. Now, it’s too late to mend the damage, and sooner or later, all Marvel’s most massive modern mistakes are bound to have the effect of shutting down almost their entire publishing. It’ll be a shame if and when that happens, but their poor conduct, political or otherwise, led to this dire situation.



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Avi Green

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