Lesson from the Multiverse: Political Comic vs Political Parody

Hey guys! I want to introduce a brand new segment to my channel: Lessons from the Multiverse! This will be where I clarify and discuss things that I feel need to be addressed and explained. Possible subjects might be what the ‘multiverse’ is, or how Marvel’s Time Travel USED to work, etc. For the first lesson though, we’re gonna keep it a little more real world.


Today I’m going to talk about the difference between a ‘Political Comic’ (aka a comic that shoehorns current politics in it) versus a ‘Political Parody’. And from what I’ve seen lately, it appears that a lot people following comics these days seem to lump the two together.


A ‘Political Parody’ is, if done right, is where the book is either parodying something else and mixing it in with politics (for example My Hero Magademia, Barack the Barbarian, etc) or it could take something that sounds so ridiculous in the real world and exaggerates it (Trump’s Space Force, Calvin Ellis Superman – although that one is played straight), but either way the politics is mixed in with the obscurity of it all!


A political comic is where a political message is actually the main focus of the story and, usually, is done with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Some writers are able to get it to work if they can deftly handle the subtleties or present both sides fairly, however lately that sort of talent has been severely lacking. A badly done political parody can also just default into being a political comic (the AOC comics for example)


In my video lesson below, I get into more details, but I hope people are able to learn something from this.


Lessons From the Multiverse: Political Comics vs Political Parodies

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