Leave Batwoman Alone! It May Have Some Promise…

The new CW trailer dropped, and was quickly ratioed to an almost 1-4 like to dislike. Anti-SJW YouTubers lit into it, and it does contain two very cringe worthy lines regarding the Bat-suit. The first is that it must be customized because it will only achieve perfection when “it fits a woman.” And the second is that it must be further customized to have a wig because she’s “not going to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”



In both quotes, the hero displays what the initial CW description of the show called her “passion for social justice,” for in both times she was referring to herself. She wanted the costume to fit her, but expressed this as needing to “fit a woman.” And in the second, she did not want to be mistaken for Batman. Again, she refers to herself not as an individual, but as a part of a group. 


That being said, the show does still have some promise. And, even if it is an SJW cringe factory, Supergirl has gone into it’s 5th season for the CW. If they’re ordering more of the social justice heroines, then it must be because their market responds to it. Allow me to explain further in my video below. I look forward to your comments below.


Leave Batwoman Alone! The new trailer shows both cringe and promise


Preston Poulter

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