Latest Women of Marvel Edition May be Saddled With Terrible Artwork


Once again, Marvel is making the mistake of basing a project on social justice pandering approaches, with a new Women of Marvel anthology special allegedly all developed by women, but looks like it’ll have horrible art accompanying it:


The ‘Women of Marvel’ branding returns to Marvel Comics in the month of April with a new 56-page anthology. Announced as part of the just-released Marvel Comics April 2021 solicitations, Women of Marvel #1 unites women creators and women characters for a series of stories.


There’s one little Orwellian problem with the casting of writers and artists here:


The announced stories are:

A She-Hulk story by writer Nadia Shammas and an artist to be announced
A Marrow story by long-time Marrow fan, writer/artist Sophie Campbell
A Peggy Carter story by writer Elsa Sjunneson and an artist to be announced




Umm, isn’t that Ross Campbell? Passing a man who claims he’s a woman off as the opposite sex is getting cliched and boring already. And look at what passes for “art”:



Yet another example of extremely dull illustrations with obvious muting of the ladies’ proportions for political reasons. It’s obvious at this point we can’t expect what’s inside to be any improvement. And then, one of the saddest things about this project is that a certain lady who’d worked for Marvel in the past actually lent her voice here:


It’s all capped off by a “must-read” introduction from legendary Marvel editor/writer Louise ‘Weezie’ Simonson.


To think that a veteran whose work in the past was far better than whatever scripts are offered up now would lend herself to this farce is regrettable. All Simonson’s doing is validating a botch job, one of the latest examples of a terrible injustice done to the ladies overseen by Stan Lee decades before.





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