Kurt Busiek Rails Against Straight White Men On Twitter …Again

by Avi Green


Prolific comic book writer for both Marvel and DC, and equally prolific anti-Trump tweeter, Kurt Busiek, has been spotted once again arguing with other people on Twitter about his left-wing politics, and once again he is not coming off very impressively.

Here’s where it began:


There’s much better stuff one could wish for, but Busiek’s missed every chance to celebrate the individual and not play identity politics. What his more liberty minded readers could be wishing for is that Mr. Busiek would just let it all go, or that his editors/publishers would tell him to knock it off with stuff his followers would rather not hear.

Umm, if the discussion is about lesbians, they do have it harder than men, if we take Andrea Constand’s case at Temple University as an example: the board of trustees under Patrick O’Connor didn’t take any action against Bill Cosby when he was first accused of assault by Ms. Constand, her lesbian leanings notwithstanding. Not sure if that had anything to do with her being white and Temple University is reportedly a mostly liberal establishment, but what’s Busiek’s point anyway?

Busiek didn’t try to discuss anything seriously. He literally talked about monkeys flying out of the U.S. President’s anus, but if you will recall, Mr. Busiek does consider the notion that a ladies’ room where men are allowed in because they claim transgender status will be a perfectly harmless and peaceful place for all women. Kurt Busiek is an imaginative writer if nothing else.

Is Mr. Busiek suggesting that only heterosexual white men have privilege, but not homosexual white men like Harvey Milk, Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer? I fail to see the logic here. But, since Kurt seems so concerned about straight, rich, white men, how come he never has anything to say about the liberal variety like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein? He has never even bothered to mention such loathsome left-wingers in his discussions, nor how the latter was a donor to the campaigns of the former and his wife, there’s no use complaining about privileged white guys at all, I’m afraid. Say, and what about Eddie Berganza, who, from what I’ve learned, was a native of Guatemala? He was protected by the higher echelons at DC, and one could say he had his own privilege provided. That doesn’t count? Presumably not to Kurt, because Berganza isn’t white.

Then it’d have to be there regarding the other type of white men too, wouldn’t it? Even non-whites like Bill Cosby, who exploited his background for violating dozens of white women, and black women too.

There he goes again with the “rich, straight, white guy” rant. Is Kurt Busiek trying to say that whites all have the advantages in the health industry, but not blacks? Sorry, this does not compute when you consider all the not-so-rich whites out there who aren’t faring as well. Like, for example, my own grandmother from my mother’s side of the family, whose doctors didn’t do a good job and ultimately failed her health by the time she’d passed away in 1986. There’s also an aunt and uncle of mine who once lived in Broward County, Florida, who were far from wealthy, and the healthcare they got was very sub-par. And as for “rich, white guys” does he think Donald Trump is better off than someone like Daniel S. Peña Sr., whose parents came to America illegally from Mexico, but he got his citizenship and eventually grew up to be worth billions?

Including individuals like Kurt Busiek!

It also makes no sense to differentiate based on racial background.

In that case, he’ll have to acknowledge privilege exists among the left. Later, when one Twitterer points out how there have been disparaging comments about Ben Carson, possibly by “woke” SJWs, he says:

Looks like classic deflection. Either that or Mr. Busiek is perfectly willing to minimize the hostility faced by HUD Secretary and former Republican candidate for President Dr. Ben Carson for being a black conservative. I’m afraid that’s just boomeranging back to one-sided attacks on the right again, all the while ignoring any errors made by the left. Kurt Busiek should “resist” the notion that bad deeds only exist on the right side of the political spectrum. If Twitter social justice warriors like the far-left Kurt Busiek are only interested in attacking one side, then nothing will ever be solved. And his constant railing against straight, white males should probably be criticized too, since statistically speaking that probably makes up the majority of his readers of his DC title, ‘Astro City’ which according to Comichron, sold just under 9,000 copies for DC in November.

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