Krakenprint: Pulling Down the Masts or Hoisting the Sails?

I am a big supporter of indie work of all kinds, as we all are at the ship of fools.

It’s what we do here.

And, some pretty amazing things happened during 2018 as far as indie stuff goes. 

Indie comic book creators are finding bigger and better ways to bring books to customers who are looking for an approach to business that tries to hold on to everything that makes comics great without all the useless ballast.

Really though, it’s pretty simple :

Be nice

Be honest


Sell good books

A large percentage of titles that were released in the form of complete mini-series at Alterna Comics have essentially sold out and some have even gone back to print for a third time.

David Lucarelli published his work TINSELTOWN through Alterna Comics in 2018 and is among the creators responsible for the titles that have brought such overwhelming support from readers.

-David Lucarelli –

– Henry Ponciano –

The wonderful penciler who has collaborated with David in order to put these tales to the page for us,

is someone to me;  who brings a real sense of nostalgia and class back to our books.

He’s a very quiet & private man and what he brings is a grace of line that is very nice on the eye.

Henry works in what has been described very well as –

“…the style of the late and great Dave Stevens…”

My reviews of David and Henrys’ work on TINSELTOWN can be found here:

Henry and David have shared in and contributed to a tremendously successful year for themselves and for their publisher.

They offered their customers something that they thought was novel and well executed.

As a result, Henry and Davids’ readers agreed and supported them enough to push some of the issues in the run back to print.

That’s what good books is.

And so dear readers, along with their mates at Alterna Comics, Henry and David have already shown that they are capable of increasing the vitality, the exposure and the overall enjoyment and readership of comic books. 

They’ve done that by demonstrating that they can provide a product that is not only of very good quality, but one that people actually want to buy.


It’s been a tremendously fascinating and exciting time in 2018

for both David and Henry, 

That was until …

I reached out to David to find out what the matter seemed to be from what he could understand. 

He explained that the situation related to a separate project that is being produced by himself and Henry.

It  has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever

with his work with Peter Simeti and Alterna Comics.

So rest assured good readers,

David and Henry are still very much Alterna Creators.

David felt that delays sometimes happen, and should be something that’s taken into account of course, but that a delay of 41 days seemed quite excessive.

I’m sure most of us around here might tend to agree. 

So of course, I reached out to KrakenPrint to find out what they might have to say on the matter.

Very quickly I received a reply from the CEO of KrakenPrint – Mr.  Jacob Way.

He brought to my attention a statement that had been posted on January 5th, parts of which I should like to emphasize here for you :

The statement also brought attention to the fact that : 

I’m sure we can all understand why any company wanting to make critical changes in leadership would want to avoid those types of readjustments around the holiday.

I think we could agree that this sort of action would cause unnecessary stress and well…

it just isn’t very nice.

Companies should be mindful of these sorts of things,

and they should be sensitive even to those they may choose to no longer employ

if that should happen to be the case.

Shouldn’t they? 

We should appreciate that for what it is – a bit of kindness.

and perhaps not judge too harshly…

And businesses everywhere of all sorts

face difficulties and pressures of unimaginable complexity during busy holiday seasons.

We all know this.

Hard business choices then make those things even worse.

In fact, here in Canada, we had a general postal strike by our national carrier.

It continued for months almost all the way into the holiday.

The action caused a massive backlog. 

It was not pleasant for anyone.

In many different and complex ways, many businesses and customers have suffered because of that. 

***I can almost guarantee that KrakenPrint and it’s customers were also affected by that here in Canada and elsewhere, and frankly there wasn’t anything that could be done about it. Federal workers were on strike. ***

In any case, KrakenPrint offered an apology and a generous credit to David and Henry.

They stated that it was their hope that they would choose to print at KrakenPrint again.

Henry and David were assured that their books would be on their way very quickly.

And in fact – they were.

And so you might think to yourselves – 

” …so what the hell Mike, this is a miss…”

(fuck off I’ve been gone for a bit)

As to that, I’m not so sure…


We float together in the social media sewer all day with the ruckus, the snarling and the sniffles.

” amongst thy petty horrors and wretched abusers….”

You know, the shit eaters. 

The Robby-Robby Bungholes, the unhinged,

the seditious sycophantic Psychophants , the vapid Rentards ©*..

You know the ones.

This combined with the pathetic debris of so many shattered delicate petty feelings,

serves only to continuously pollute and infect the atmosphere of our comic medium of late

and well…

It’s hard to look away.


But here and there we can find examples of growth and new ways to work together in order to solve problems.

The medium is alive with them everywhere.

The indie scene will always need to keep up trying to build the connections and repair and maintain the relationships that will ensure that there is a future for independent comic books and perhaps even just comic books at all.

We need companies like KrakenPrint involved with that because of the great skill and service they provide to creators.

They are enablers. 

And we need creators like Henry Ponciano and David Lucarelli to bring out their ideas and talent,

in order that it can be put into our hands by those enablers.

So, there was no Ho Ho Ho for Henry and Davids’ readers…

And that really is too bad, I’m a big fan of their work…

It is disappointing for sure.

But we shouldn’t think that anyone involved is very happy about it.

KrakenPrint  has acknowledged some very complex issues and have stated that they have taken measures to fix things in that regard.

That’s what a reasonable person should be able to expect.

That’s exactly what we’ve been saying all along we are in need of in the medium at large isn’t it?

We’ve asked repeatedly: 

Can we get some “reasonable” please?

We’ve asked that industry take responsibility for mistakes and make legitimate efforts to correct issues haven’t we?

We get upset when other areas of that same industry choose too frequently these days to instead ignore the situation or worse – inflame the situation – 

At other times they might seem perhaps a bit hyper-sensitive to criticism right?

So we shouldn’t shy away from demonstrating and acknowledging the strides and challenges, the growth and learning.

The indie comic book world must pass through obstacles and failures in order to have faith in a solid foundation from which everyone can work.

Just like other areas of the indie publishing world

KrakenPrint is growing.

This is good for comics.

There are going to be mistakes.

Learning where the rocks are

is how we find our way through the mire… 

Isn’t that a part of what we need here ?

The full statement released by KrakenPrint can be found here:

Announcement:KrakenPrint has made some ownership additions and management changes (Frederick Packard and Joshua…

Posted by KrakenPrint on Saturday, January 5, 2019



TWEET & OTHER PICS – Twitter photo album selections, used with permission by David Lucarelli






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