Kitty Pryde: Another Legacy Character Falls Victim to Marvel’s PC-Pandering


Polygon’s gushing over how Kitty Pryde, now resurrected a few months after being put in death limbo, turns out to be returning to the land of living just so she can now be made into a lesbian:


In the last issue of Marauders, X-Men fans finally saw Kate Pryde come back to life, seven months after she was betrayed and murdered by Sebastian Shaw. in this week’s issue, they got something they’ve been waiting way, way longer for.

Kitty Pryde kissed a girl.



Which X-fans are they talking about? Not me. What I would’ve been delighted to see was Kitty and Colossus marrying, and this storyline makes a further mockery of a marriage that was called off. Now, in hindsight, it’s all looking as tasteless as the Batman/Catwoman marriage not occurring. If it hadn’t been for the Rogue/Gambit marriage, one could’ve argued more easily that this was mainstream comicdom’s way of demonstrating their contempt for heterosexual marriage.


If you’re not deep into the X-Men, you could easily miss the decades of fan and fan-academic conversation around Kitty Pryde’s sexuality, as crafted by Chris Claremont, X-Men architect of over 15 years and the writer who made mutants a household name. Kitty has always had strong and intimate emotional bonds with other girls her age, in a time when depiction of happy queer characters in superhero comics was rare by edict. In a 2016 interview, Claremont confirmed that if he’d had his druthers, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers would have been partners in canon, and not just subtext.

So while one kiss might not seem like a big deal — or might feel like it came out of nowhere, for a character who’s been paired with Colossus for years — this is indeed a milestone in X-Men history.


Well I’ll say this – I think it’s regrettable if Kitty’s own co-creator is taking a knee-jerk position and defending this. Especially if it ends up serving as an excuse for characterizing Kitty rejecting the opposite sex, and then, we’ll read a storyline where she states she can’t connect with a man. Even though she was depicted having a big crush on Piotr in her early years, and there were a few more guys over the years she’d also taken a fancy to.



That podcasting site which interviewed Claremont is run by at least one notable SJW, and it’s no surprise they’d promote the whole idea, possibly at the expense of any male character Kitty had ever been depicted as in love with. All that aside, I just don’t get this whole “fan-academic” conversation about a fictional character’s sexuality, when she’s not a real person.


The girl in question is an unnamed tattoo artist, who helped Kate out with one of the annoyances of mutant resurrection: You don’t come back with your tattoos! The entire issue is about Kate reaffirming her identity, her place in Krakoa, her relationships with other X-Men, and her plan to get revenge on Sebastian Shaw. Kissing a girl is part of that reaffirmation. Kitty is bi. Or bicurious. Or just queer. Welcome out of the closet, Shadowcat.

Now give her a girlfriend, Marvel.



Because that’s such a big deal, right? Well here’s something I want to know: will they send her on a path not unlike Iceman’s recent degradation, where he can never seem to have a girlfriend again? If that’s what they do, or if they characterize Kitty as anti-marriage and rejecting men as romantic partners, then they’re furthering a terrible agenda at the expense of cohesion. Nothing new for modern Marvel, but it does nothing to improve their dire artistic situation either. It just compounds their obsession with liberal agendas, and exploiting corporate properties to convey the same. A real pity this had to be.


Eric July weighs in.


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