Kevin Smith Going Full Woke with He-Man Sequel Animated Series?

It’s up to Teela to solve the mystery of the missing Sword of Power…!


Filmmaker and occasional comics writer Kevin Smith may not have been perceived in the past by everyone as somebody sold on political correctness, though that didn’t mean some of his films were in good taste (nor his comics, recalling the botched Black Cat miniseries from the early 2000s). But if the following from Cosmic Book News is correct, Smith is turning to such wokeness now, with a new Masters of the Universe cartoon on Netflix:


Last year saw it rumored that He-Man would be replaced by Teela in the new Kevin Smith animated series coming to Netflix this Summer, which wouldn’t be a surprise at all and would fit with Hollywood’s agenda of replacing male characters (Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Terminator, Doctor Who, etc).

So why not replace the manliest of all, not to mention He-Man is blond?

Oh, they’d replace Conan too given the chance, and he’s more dark-haired. Here’s a brief comment originally made by Smith, which says:


But after a ferocious final battle forever fractures Eternia, it’s up to Teela to solve the mystery of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to prevent the end of the Universe! Her journey will uncover the secrets of Grayskull at last.

CBN says it looks like the main hero will be replaced in a most tasteless way:


So apparently the Kevin Smith series will see He-Man defeated by Skeletor who becomes Skelegod where Teela then becomes the focus and more than likely defeats Skeletor and ends up with the Power Sword becoming “She-Man.”


The lady’s character design does look bewilderingly masculine in the press illustrations, though that’s surely becoming very common now in some US mediums, to slap womanhood in the face by making various femmes look disturbingly un-feminine. And why do the heroes seem to be working alongside a crook called Evil-Lyn?

Anyway, this probably isn’t too much of a surprise coming from Smith, who must be trying to overcompensate for any mistakes he made with female casts in the past, but if he’s making the women look un-feminine, that certainly contradicts the notion he’s trying to make amends. He was hardly worthy as a filmmaker before, and doesn’t look like he’ll make a good animator now.


Masters of the Universe: Revelation | Official Teaser | Netflix



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