Kathleen Kennedy Reinforces Lucasfilm’s Odd Obsession With Race & Gender

Hollywood and Lucasfilm’s sick obsession with race and gender continues unabated.



The Grio reports:


The Hollywood Commission, led by Anita Hill, releases latest report

The new results of a three-month survey exploring issues vital to Hollywood’s vast range of behind-the-scenes magic makers have been released.

The Hollywood Commission, chaired by Dr. Anita Hill and founded by Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and talent attorney Nina Shaw, has released the third report from its landmark, industry-wide worker survey.

Over the course of their releases since late last month, the Hollywood Survey reports have revealed profound differences in the perceptions and experiences between men, women and other underrepresented groups in Hollywood.

The national, anonymous survey was conducted online over a three-month period, from Nov. 2019 to Feb. 2020, during which a total of 9,630 people who self-identified that they were currently working, pursuing work or had previously worked in the entertainment industry responded.

On Sept. 29, the first Hollywood Survey report showed a desire for greater accountability for sexual malfeasance; the second, on Oct. 7, covered bias, and the Oct. 14 report was on workplace bullying. Their next one, set for release on Tuesday, Oct. 27, will be on sexual harassment and assault.

“The entertainment industry has the unique potential to tell the stories of today’s richly diverse world,” said Hill. “But to get there, the barriers to underrepresented people being valued and in ‘the room where it happens’ must be eliminated. And once they do get into ‘the room where it happens,’ they must not be the only one.”


Now, what’s particularly interesting about this, is the fact that those of us who are older will remember Anita Hill. She was used as a political pawn to attack Justice Clarence Thomas in the early 1990s, and stands as a precursor to the #MeToo movement. There was significant evidence that Anita Hill was lying, but that didn’t stop the witch hunt against a black man who dared to hold conservative views.


But what’s even more interesting is Joe Biden’s involvement in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Joe Biden’s treatment of Anita Hill was admonished by The New Yorker. Biden himself has stated that Anita Hill was lying. And as recently as 2019, Anita Hill stated that she was ready to hold Joe Biden accountable, whatever that means.


So the question then becomes, can Lucasfilm associates conscientiously and morally support a Joe Biden presidency, in the face of his alleged poor treatment of Kathleen Kennedy’s colleague? I think we all know the answer to that.


But what did The Hollywood Commission’s survey find?


Well, according to The Grio:


The Hollywood Commission survey found that across all demographics, women were twice as likely as their male counterparts to believe that they have experienced every form of biased or unfair behavior.

Among its other findings:

Women are twice as likely as males to report experiencing abuse workplace conduct often or very often.

Thirty percent of bi-/multi-racial women and 22 percent of Black women described being denied opportunities given to others in similar circumstances.

Men in Hollywood have an entirely different view of the presence of diversity and inclusion in the industry. Seventy-five percent of men see progress being made in welcoming and valuing diverse backgrounds, compared to 63 percent of women.

White men have the most positive view of progress in diversity at 78 percent, followed by Black men at 67 percent.

Less than half of all respondents believe diversity and inclusion are core values of the entertainment industry.


Who could have guessed that surveying Hollywood denizens would yield these results?



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