Just in Time for Pride Month: Rugrats Promotes Lesbian Mommy


The contrived changes to past products keeps going without consideration for how it taints the past legacies. The AV Club gushes over a rebooting of the old 90s Rugrats cartoon, where Phil and Lil’s mother becomes a lesbian character:


Phil and Lil’s mom Betty in Rugrats has low-key always been a queer icon. Sure, she’s married to boring ol’ Howard (we wouldn’t blame you if you forgot about him). But let’s be real: Betty was gay as fuck—and now that’s actually canon. Betty will be an openly gay woman in the Paramount+ Rugrats series, and she’ll be voiced by queer actor Natalie Morales. This time, instead of her sweater having the “female” symbol, Betty’s donning a Gemini sweater. The Rugrats showrunners clearly know queer ladies love astrology.


As noted by Breitbart, the actress is anti-Trump, and racist – she even insulted Cuban-Americans, suggesting the casting choice could’ve been more political than you’d think. The way the AV Club uses vulgar language is quite a hint they’re not particularly respectable of values best for children, but then, that hasn’t been high on the left’s considerations for a long time. So here we have yet another example of forced politics making their way into an old product reworked for the sake of political grandstanding, while liberal press sources normalize the misuse in every way possible. A terrible shame.



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