Jon Favreau Wants To “Teach Life Lessons” In ‘The Mandalorian’

“Did I just say that…?”


CNN Entertainment reports:


Jon Favreau isn’t just making ‘Star Wars’ content for the nostalgic

peaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, the “Iron Man” director recounted his conversations with George Lucas, in which the “Star Wars” godfather expressed his desire to keep the franchise’s purpose clear.


“[With] ‘Star Wars,’ part of that responsibility is remembering that part of your audience is a whole generation that’s coming of age and, through stories, we express our values to the next generation,” Favreau said. “And so one of the things he said was not to lose sight that is the main audience for stories.”


In other words, this ain’t your daddy’s Star Wars.  The Mandalorian is aimed primarily at Reylo rubes.  Favreau continued:


While “Star Wars” and stories set in that world are “great for us who grew up with it and feel nostalgic,” he said, “you’re trying to teach life lessons through the themes and the conflicts that arise among these characters.”


In other words, gird your loins for identity politics overload.


Even with a hefty corporate backing like that, Favreau said he feels the most responsibility to viewers, which includes a famously opinionated fandom.


“I don’t feel the pressure except to the audience that’s seeing what I’m making and I feel that pressure every time,” he said. “And I think — much like the chefs I learned from when I was training to play that role — there’s a certain stripe of personality that are attracted to telling stories, which is you want to do something, but the experience isn’t complete until the people that eat the meal/watch the show/watch the movie, reacts to it.”


I’ll be fasting.



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