JJ Abrams Claims He “Only Wanted to Do Well” by George Lucas

J.J. calls for a time-out…



Superherohype remarks on a Rolling Stone interview with JJ Abrams:


“It’s probably a complicated thing for him,” said Abrams regarding Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney in 2012. “To decide you’re going to sell this thing that you created, that was your baby, to anyone. That must be more complicated than signing a check and smiling about it.”

However, Lucas hasn’t completely given a cold shoulder to the new films. Abrams noted that “he’s been incredibly gracious” and “super-generous,” during a meeting they had while The Force Awakens was filming.

“Do I wish that [The Force Awakens] had been his favorite movie of all time? Yes, I only wanted to do well by him,” added Abrams. “I would just say that I have nothing but profound respect for the guy and am still truly, even more so now, working on these movies in awe of what he created.”


It never seems to occur to JJ, that the first step in doing well by George Lucas would have been to use his treatments, rather than urinate all over them.


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