Jim Lee Says DC Will Keep Focusing on “Inclusive & Diverse” Heroes

Newsarama reported on a conference veteran artist Lee, now the sole publisher overseeing DC, gave at C2E2, where he told what they’ll do going forward now that Dan DiDio’s been dismissed, and among the items discussed, he said:


Lee also spoke about the chances DC’s impending 5G initiative would constitute yet another reboot, saying that’s not in the cards.



I assume, since it’s become so controversial and didn’t go over well with an audience weary of these farces, that they’re backing away somewhat from the idea of not only rebooting, but doing it through a company wide crossover. Unfortunately, Lee also said:


“It’s hard to talk about things we haven’t announced. Intention not to do a line-wide reboot,” Lee clarified. “Our focus in talking to editorial team is to continue what we’ve done best: Character-driven stories, pairing right creators on right characters, and developing characters that are inclusive and diverse.”



As though DC never has in at least 50 years since they’d first done it, when characters like Mal Duncan, Black Lightning and Vixen were introduced. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to be convinced they’re intent is on character-driven stories when they’ve spent only so much time in the past two or three decades turning out one company wide crossover after another, taking away any real ability to do character driven stories plausibly, and even without the crossovers, they had only so many stories that were anything but character driven. Some were far more plot driven. And, most notably, many were written by knee-jerk writers of DiDio’s choice, not the least being Brian Bendis and Tom King, and look where they’ve gotten us.

Jim Lee was around during many of these decisions and did nothing to stop them. Worse yet, he practically embraced quite a few of their “politically correct” selections like King and Brad Meltzer, as these items from Newsarama and CBR from last October state. If those are the types that Lee sees fit to keep, then that’s why he’s not a good choice as the now sole publisher for DC Comics, unless he’s willing to distance himself from such embarrassments. For now, it doesn’t look like he intends to, and so, that’s one more reason why we can’t consider him a good choice for his current role.


Even if he’s not as bad as DiDio, he’s still making some terrible mistakes.



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Avi Green

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