Jane Foster is Marvel’s New ‘Mary Sue’ Valkyrie MacGuffin

In the not so distant past, Marvel Comics tried to replace The Mighty Thor with his longtime girlfriend Jane Foster, and it had a rather mixed reception. Jane Foster was also diagnosed with cancer and she eventually died, returning of the name “Thor” to the Odinson.

You may think that would be the end for Jane ‘Lady Thor’ Foster as a superhero, but Marvel Comics is certainly not done with her yet.

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read War of the Realms, but Ms. Foster has been seen alive and well in War of the Realms, as a cancer-free mortal – including in this week’s War of the Realms #2, in which the classic Valkyrie, Brunhilde, apparently died.


In this my video below, I discuss Jane’s transition to a Valkyrie. Is this just another injection of “The Wamen” that Marvel thinks it needs? Is Valkyrie Jane merely another ‘Mary Sue’ with the power of the ‘MacGuffin’? My thoughts on the new Jane Foster Valkyrie below and if you should be spending your hard earned money on the comic!

Jane Foster Is The New Mary Sue Valkyrie MacGuffin!

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