It’s a Wrap! LEGO Holiday Special Mocks Legacy Star Wars Actor

Back in June of 2019, it was revealed that Admiral Ackbar puppeteer Tim Rose was unhappy with Rian Johnson’s direction in The Last Jedi.


Star Wars - Admiral Ackbar Costume Actor Cried After The Last Jedi "Thats A Wrap!"


Tim Rose was upset that his final portrayal of the character ended in the joke, “It’s a wrap.”

So along come the producers of the Star Wars Lego Holiday Special, who decide to feature the Admiral Ackbar character reciting the same line in their trailer at about the 16 second mark:


LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special | Official Trailer | Disney+


So either the producers are tone deaf, or they simply don’t care. I’m leaning towards the latter, given the dismissal of the Admiral Ackbar character that SJWs have expressed after criticism of his treatment in The Last Jedi, and the general disrespect that senior creators are given at today’s Lucasfilm.


Thanks to Clownfish TV for the tip.



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