Itchy Bacca Under Fire: Is it Harassment When You Have Consent?

Recently I’ve been under siege by SJW activists who are desperate to silence me. Since they were unable to take down my WordPress blog, they’re now busy trying to take down my Twitter account.



Here’s the notification I received from Twitter:


As you can see, my tweets are harsh and curt. But I did not engage in targeted harassment, or incite others to do so, or wish or hope that anyone experiences physical harm. But Twitter’s rules are designed to be deliberately vague so that political enemies can be punished while giving political allies a pass for the same actions. So all I had to do was delete these tweets to gain access to my account.


But what I’m finding interesting in the several SJW Twitter threads that complain about my blog or organize to silence me, is that Pablo Hidalgo keeps popping up in them.


Pablo yearns for Itchy.


Now as we know, Pablo mostly abandoned his @PabloHidalgo account and now operates behind his @aqm_production account instead. And that handle keeps turning up like a bad penny, making one wonder, why would a big time executive like Pablo be spending his time worrying about some backwater blog?


Here, Pablo hobnobs with a personality that threatened physical intimidation tactics:


Now, why is FeministNerd‘s comments in her interaction with Pablo Hidalgo so disappointing? Because FeministNerd earned my respect, after becoming one of my best informants. That’s right. FeministNerd and I have had several lengthy conversations regarding certain matters, various and sundry.



I’ve only posted 5 censored screencaps here out of about 30, and I’ve redacted content to protect the details of the conversation, but you get the picture. I will however post a tiny portion where FeministNerd gave me permission to use her tweets, which kind of eviscerates the harassment blog claims.



So what Pablo and his merry band of miscreants ought to be asking themselves now, is that if someone as prominent in the “community” as FeministNerd collaborated with me, who else among them has collaborated with me as well? They might be surprised…




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