#IStandWithVic GoFundMe War Chest Could Pay Opposing Legal Fees

The case of Mignogna v. Funimation et al. was waged and raged on social media, where it was given the name “Weeb Wars”, far more than in the court room. Sadly for the #IStandWithVic crowd, the legal court is where they lost the case last Friday as Judge Chupp dismissed it for having no merit under Texas anti-SLAPP statutes


As reported in the Dallas Morning News, the judge had even received death threats from anonymous persons over the internet who were outraged at the way things were going as they were being explained to them by pro-Mignogna YouTube personalities. YouTubers Nick Rekieta and That Umbrella Guy both took to the #IStandWithVic cause with great fervor, and a GoFundMe was established by Nick Rekieta to pay for the legal fees of Mr. Mignogna in order for him to defend his rights to work in the industry.


At the time of this writing, over $250,ooo has been contributed by the #IStandwithVic crowd to pay for his legal fees. 


And unfortunately, under the Texas anti-SLAPP statutes, Plaintiff Mignogna is now liable for the legal fees as well as court costs incurred by the other side. That makes the GoFundMe war chest claimable by defendants Funimation, Monica Rial, and Jaime Marchi should Mr. Mignogna not pay them himself. 


To their credit, they haven’t given up. As it stands, there has still been no hard evidence presented that proves Vic Mignogna actually did anything illegal, which is what triggered Funimation firing the voice actor and launching the #IStandWithVic movement.


Comicsgate will end up footing the bill for opposing lawyers as Vic Mignonga case dismissed

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