Is WB Taking the Right Path with Superman in Film This Time?

Superman: Man of Tomorrow - Exclusive Official Trailer


One Angry Gamer took a look at a trailer for Superman: The Man of Tomorrow animated film, which appears to respect the optimistic approach the Man of Steel was most known for when writing merit was far better than it is now:


Superman: Man of Tomorrow appears to be one of those diamonds in the rough, a callback to a time when we revered honorable men, and just actions. As opposed to giving podiums to the miscreants tearing down historical monuments and the delinquents burning innocent people out of their homes. Superman: Man of Tomorrow represents media that promotes heroism completely bereft in our real life society.

If a heart as black as obsidian hadn’t been encased in the center of my chest, I may have cried a tear of joy.

The trailer was completely devoid of degeneracy. There was no pozz in sight. They even seemed to honor Superman showing him as a caring, mature, compassionate hero. The kind of role-model every young man should aspire to become.

This is the kind film that Superman deserves, and it’s the kind of film whole-hearted individuals who respect Western values need.


More than just Superman, there’s also his co-creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, along with Super-fans who uphold the best values the Big Blue Boy Scout was built and grew on, who deserve it. I looked at the trailer too, and it does look promising, with the only questionable point being Lobo’s role, and whether he is played as the villain he originally began as in the mid-80s Omega Men series. Or, whether the retconned background he was given in the 90s – becoming the last Czarnian after annihilating all others – was put to use in this cartoon, because if that were, it would honestly be troubling if Superman couldn’t judge his actions. There’s also the question of whether cartoons like this could feature leftist political propaganda. Let’s hope not.


And of course, more than cartoons and films, it has to be the comics proper where these values must be preserved. Brian Bendis made Superman look like a deadbeat dad some time ago, and to make matters worse, Maxima, a recurring character who originally debuted in 1989, was turned into a lesbian, and while that link focuses on a Wonder Woman story written by Steve Orlando earlier this year, this retcon already happened at least 5 years ago in Supergirl. On which note, the showrunner of the live action Supergirl TV series, Greg Berlanti, has been indicating he only intends to bring more of his political correctness into the show. He said in an interview:


“In the DC Universe especially, there’s been a focus on us recognizing that we want to create heroes that look and felt like today, not the 1940s or 1950s. They were all very well intentioned when they created those back then, but there’s a certain responsibility that you have if you’re going to escort these iconic characters into this generation to make sure they have the heart of that character, but they don’t have to have the gender or the color of that character or the sexuality.”


And they seem to be using the recent race riots to justify their latest positions. Somebody in the comments section made the point that, if Berlanti really believes his positions, he’d create new characters to fill the roles he advocates, and not go to such lengths to insult classic creations with all this social justice garbage, which has been filled with swipes at the Trump administration and conservatives. Unless the network is deliberately keeping on such a dreadful show to push propaganda no matter how much money it loses, I don’t see the use of continuing to broadcast it, and Berlanti is little more than a most alienating figure.

Superman may be getting a production he deserves, but Supergirl decidedly needs one too, that doesn’t exploit the Maid of Might for rabid political propaganda.


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Avi Green

Avi Green

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