Is Warner Bros. Scrapping their Black Superman Projects?


According to the Superman Homepage (and our previous report), it looks like Warner Bros may be rethinking the notion of greenlighting a woke film adaptation of Superman written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and bring back Henry Cavill in the role from 2013, if this does turn out to be more than simply a rumor, as they put it:


According to, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is reshaping the studio’s plans, with Superman a focal point for the studio.

Veteran studio chief Toby Emmerich was moved on earlier this week, with Zaslav clearly pulling the strings moving forward, and according to TheWrap’s DC insider, Zaslav has instructed his team to “scratch every Superman project in development and start fresh with Cavill.”

Reportedly, Zaslav wants to get a Superman movie off the ground, with Henry Cavill the focal point of any plans to create a shared universe of DC characters beyond that.

From what we knew, Ta-Nehisi Coates was writing a script for a J.J. Abrams produced Superman movie that was supposed to be all about a black Kal-El/Clark Kent, while Darnell Metayer & Josh Peters were writing a script for Michael B. Jordan’s “Val Zod” project for HBO Max. Whether both of these Superman-related projects are still happening remains to be seen.


Presumably, the WB management’s been paying attention to how things are going for Disney, now that they’ve mired themselves in a whole controversy over pandering to LGBT ideology and campaigning for the approval of grooming children through indoctrination, with the most absurd part being that some of the products they’re developing for their campaign are manufactured in China, which opposes the same agenda they’re favoring. But, if it turns out they’re reconsidering their previously reported directions, surely it’d be a good idea they see to it DC Comics proper stops with their own agenda pandering too? Point: if they allow even a seemingly lesser outfit they own continue to take paths that’re embarrassing from a PR viewpoint, that too can hurt their business. So they may want to consider seeing to it that DC stop with their own SJW directions, and remove Marie Javins from the EIC role after how she perpetuated the damage to their brands. They’d also do well not to work with Coates again, considering what a bad political lot he really is.

And if WB does move forward with plans for a new Cavill-starring Superman vehicle, that’s certainly surprising, considering it’s been nearly a decade since the 2013 movie, and will probably be more than that by the time a sequel’s finally released. And then, would they continue the exceedingly dark path they took with Zack Snyder’s movie? I’m afraid that angle’s gone much too far already, so even if Cavill’s brought back after all these years, it still wouldn’t be reason for enthusiasm, if they can’t make audience feel inspired, and won’t offer a sense of humor to counter the darker angle of their previous movie. That’s something everybody would do well to consider.



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