This NSFW Reaction Shot is the Most Spontaneous Laugh in Any Film

In Robert Altman’s unfairly overlooked California Split (1974), Elliott Gould attempts to cheer up depressed fellow gambling addict George Segal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meine Damen und Herren, submitted for your viewing pleasure:

‘Ladies & Gentlement, Your Beloved, World-Renowned, One-Armed Piccolo Player’ 



Watch Segal’s reaction – I defy you not to laugh along with him… wait for it.


William, did I ever show you my one armed piccolo player?


Arguably the single best scene in Robert Altman‘s California Split. Or rather the funniest, the most intoxicating, the most mirthful. I’ve watched it many, many times and have never failed to laugh, or at least break out in a big grin. Which makes it more than just just “funny.”

Check out the full film if you can. It’s worth a watch.




Stephen Arnell

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