Is Star Wars Director Rian Johnson the American Version of Uwe Boll?

I sincerely hope Disney is still considering giving the American Uwe Boll a trilogy.  




Rian Johnson finally admits what normal people instantly knew 2 years ago.  He doesn’t give a crap about Star Wars.  He only cares about himself.


Bounding Into Comics reports:


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Admits He Didn’t Care About Star Wars Canon And History

Johnson was asked by The Hollywood Reporter’s Natalie Heltzel:

“Whenever you are writing, let’s say you are creating your own universe, you said you don’t think about actors, you are starting something from scratch, how is that approach versus something where you have a pre-existing universe? If you are writing characters for Star Wars, you have this universe, you have characters that everybody knows, and then now you are doing something from scratch. Do you find your approach is different for that?”


Johnson would respond,


“No, not at all. Because I don’t really think in terms of universes or in terms of creating worlds or whatever. That’s not that interesting to me.”

He continued, “The only thing that is interesting to me is story. And the story specific to, like whether you are writing a Star Wars film that’s part of a three movie trilogy or a quote unquote original thing like Knives Out, you are still telling a story that is new to the thing that you are doing that it has to work within the context of that movie.”

Johnson added, “So, to me the notion of what’s the entire galaxy or world that you are creating or something, I can’t imagine getting excited about creating that. To me what I’m excited about is creating a two hour long experience for an audience to have in the theater. And that means how they engage moment to moment with the story and the characters that are on the screen. And that doesn’t change in either one of those.”


Only an inept storyteller would simply not care about the world in which he’s telling a story.  But that’s Rian Johnson.


Here’s a recent commentary by Midnight’s Edge where they discuss Rian Johnson sharing his mindset going into The Last Jedi:


Star Wars: Why Rian Johnson should never have been hired for The Last Jedi



I’m fairly convinced here that Rian’s primary motivation was to push politics that he knew would ingratiate him to the Hollywood elite, and thus propel his career forward.  Star Wars was simply never a consideration for him.  So it’s absolutely no surprise that a producer whose primary interest is her own political agenda, would hire a director whose political agenda mirrored her own.  Maybe that’s why Trevorrow and others were fired by Kenndy; because they lacked the political hackery of Rian Johnson.


Maybe that’s why fans have no idea what canon is anymore; because the people making it have no idea either. Here’s a “Creative Executive” with the Lucasfilm Story Group.



The fact is, DisCanon sucks, and that ain’t clickbait.


But in response to this non-revelation about Rian Johnson’s carelessness, you have the poster-child for bringing back gatekeeping in geek culture parroting the standard line when people point out how deeply stupid SJW storytelling always consistently is:



Let’s put aside the fact that a man running the Making Star Wars website thinks that Star Wars is trash.  That’s silly enough.


But Jason Ward is the same guy who wrote this nonsense:



And this idiocy.




So maybe Ward use both of his brain cells to explain to us why representation, gender equality, and cultural responsibility are so gosh-darned important in a work of trash.  After all, it isn’t real.  It’s made up.  It’s not a documentary.  It isn’t history, even if SJWs refer to every wahman and PoC starring in the Disney Trilogy as “historic.”


Or maybe the uneducated imbeciles screeching for representation are the entitled ones who take it too seriously.



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