Is Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams the “King of Hypocrisy”?

Recently, TIME Magazine tweeted out the following clip with JJ Abrams prattling on about diversity, inclusion, race, gender, and a partridge in a pear tree. 






You’d think that J.J. could indeed fathom how hard it is to be black in the business, given that he’s the guy who directed a movie that shrunk their leading black character on a poster in order to appease communist China.



Given that J.J. is the guy, who made his leading black character a bumbling comedic throwback to blackface minstrelsy.



Given that J.J. is the guy, who sidelined a leading PoC female character in The Rise of Skywalker.



And given that J.J. is guy, who refused to turn down directing The Rise of Skywalker, so that a woman of color could take his place.



Hypocrisy, thy name is J.J. Abrams.



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