Is Lucasfilm Intentionally Hiring People Who Hate Their Audience?

From the Editor: For the past 8 months, Itchy Bacca has been covering the apparent racism and bigotry of staff members of Disney’s Star Wars & Lucasfilm companies, in positions such as writers, publishers, staffers, and so on. Each of the links below present evidence that several employees of Lucasfilm openly share bigotry and loathing of straight, white males, which seems utterly absurd given that the biggest demographic for Star Wars has always been Caucasian males – and by all means, we encourage you to look at the data for yourself if you disagree with that conclusion.


The following is just a small sampling of what’s been found. Note the prevalence of the Twitter verification blue check marks…





The following links will show the collection of social media posts of several of the more outspoken Disney employees bashing white people, particularly men, and especially straight men. Enjoy. 



Hatred of the “white male” appears to be a prerequisite for getting hired by Lucasfilm. 





2-2-2018   Where have SJWs been for the last 40 years?

2-28-2018   Lucasfilm Rep Crosses Out Luke Skywalker In Red Ink

4-30-2018  White Dude Directing Entire Trilogy Doesn’t Want More White Dudes To Direct

4-20-2018  SJWs Predictably Unsatisfied

4-30-2018  20 Points That Slumming Through SJW “Think” Pieces Teaches Us

5-25-2018  White Male Chuck Wendig Angry About White Male Directing Boba Fett Movie

5-31-2018    The “White Male” Scapegoat Makes Its Official Appearance

6-8-2018   Star Wars Has An Air-Headed SJW Fandom Problem

1-26-2019  Tricia Barr Blames White Males For False Ahmed Best Narrative, and The Gold Bikini For Her Anorexia

9-8-2019  Misandrous Star Wars Social Media Specialist Thinks Christians Are Crazy

9-30-2019  Lucasfilm Author Has Lots Of Problems With White People

10-4-2019  Another Lucasfilm Author Not Fond Of White People

10-4-2019  White Male Lucasfilm Author Not Fond Of White Males

10-5-2019  Rae Carson Consumed By Hatred Of White Men

10-5-2019  Lucasfilm Author Rarely Thinks Of Anything Other Than White Supremacists

10-5-2019  Claudia Gray Doesn’t Like “Too Many Identical White Guys”

10-5-2019  Guess Why Justina Ireland Doesn’t Like Montana

10-6-2019  White Lady Hates Old White Men

10-6-2019  Lucasfilm Author Might Hate Men More Than She Hates Whites

10-8-2019  Mur Lafferty’s White Male Derangement Syndrome

10-9-2019  Heddle’s Misandry

10-10-2019   Geek Girl Diva Wants A Cure For White Feminism

10-14-2019   Bryan Young: Master Virtue Signaler

10-17-2019  Tricia Barr Wonders If Reylo Is A “White Person’s Ship”

10-17-20019  Jordan Maison Thinks 90 Years Of Bigotry Excuses 90 More Years Of Bigotry

10-18-2019  Landry Walker Has To Work Harder To Create Characters That Don’t Read White

10-18-2019  Grey DeLisle Griffin Wants To See Elderly White Women Beg For Mammograms


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