Is Disney Paying Kids to Play With Star Wars Toys?

During the premiere of SoloDisney was caught paying actors to watch the film in Australia.  Now they’re paying kids to play with toys.



Not a Star Wars kid in sight… posts the following want ad:


Calling All Young Star Wars Fans!

Looking for kids aged 8-13 who are massive Star Wars Fans.

This is for online video content, related to the Star Wars brand.

If you know a great kid or group of friends who can talk about favourite characters & scenes with enthusiasm please get in touch ASAP.

Please only apply if your child has a genuine love and passion for Star Wars.

They will be required to talk authentically about the reasons they love the films, and what Star Wars means to them.

What’ important is a genuine excitement about the Star Wars universe, and an ability to express their personal reasons for loving it like they do.

Do they love the idea of the Light vs the Dark Side? Or the idea of using the Force? Do they see themselves as a mini-Luke Skywalker, or Rey, or do they just love all the spaceships?

Looking for siblings and friends as well as individuals.


Now, kids are hired to perform in commercials.  That’s routine stuff.


But this ad says, “online video content, related to the Star Wars brand.”  So is that a commercial, or something else?  A documentary?


My guess is that some entity is probably being tasked with reversing the reputation thatthe article from Bloomberg about Star Wars not appealing to the new generations has now given the franchise.


Thanks to SC Reviews for the tip who comments on this story:



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