Is DC Comics Shutting Down Their Failing Vertigo Imprint?

Cosmic Book News says DC Comics, with plenty of disastrous steps already on record, is shuttering the Vertigo Comics line, which, from what’s told here, sounds like it was another cynical attempt to serve as movie fodder:


Back in February, I reported how DC Comics is cutting their line even further, and now it is learned their Vertigo division may be closing.

The info/rumor comes from Bleeding Cool who reports after 26 years, DC Comics is rumored to close Vertigo, which is their alternative and mature line of comics.

[…] Reasons cited for the closure of Vertigo include that things started to go south when Warner Bros. realized they couldn’t adapt the comics into other forms of media, such as television or movies, because the comics are creator-owned, so execs at WB demanded the contracts get changed, which saw big-name talent leave Vertigo for better contracts and jobs elsewhere, including Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, and Neil Gaiman.


And they’re mostly leftists. This is another report strongly hinting the imprint was yet another only seen as a means of developing movie material, not escapist entertainment with merit. In that case, what was the point of its being? It was originally launched in 1993 to serve as a self-contained line for at least a few DC titles like Swamp Thing and Sandman, but several years later, they turned it into more of a line for creator-owned titles instead. Now, with only so many smaller publishers who could offer better deals, that’s why it’s no longer needed, and Marvel Comics stopped their own Epic imprint by the mid-90s.


Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver also offers insights via YouTube in that Vertigo really didn’t pay out anything worthwhile and that Warner Bros. always wanted to take TV and movie options out on the creator-owned titles for years to come that weren’t worth much. Van Sciver also blames the closing on the “catastrophic relaunch” of Vertigo last year that saw the publisher recruit “SJWs” that attacked white males and President Trump supporters.


That too was a grave error. One of the leading editors of the line, Andy Khouri, may have been let go by DC, and should never be hired again by any company, after all the damage he caused.


Considering how bad DC’s become, this was actually deserved. If Marvel’s no longer publishing creator-owned books under their own imprint, it stands to reason DC shouldn’t do the same anymore. If the lights go out in the Vertigo office, it’s for the best.

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Avi Green

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