Iron Man Comics Writer Dan Slott Continues His Sad Hypocrisy

Dan Slott may have been told to cut out his repellent online cyber-trolling by C.B. Cebulski over a year ago, but he still does make politically charged comments on Twitter at times, such as this one:





Somebody on the thread wisely asked if he blocked followers of U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar. A valid question, if you consider all the antisemitism she’s espoused. Also worth considering the Islamic religion’s homophobia/transphobia, and racism. If Slott cannot condemn Islam’s embrace of all the other ideologies, then he’s not really against antisemitism, racism and homophobia at all. He’s just virtue-signaling, and silencing his critics, as usual.

And it’s a terrible shame Marvel continues to give Slott employment he never deserved.


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Avi Green

Avi Green

Avi Green was born in Pennsylvania in 1974, and moved to Israel in 1983. He enjoyed reading comics when he was young, the first being Fantastic Four. He maintains a strong belief in the public's right to knowledge and accuracy of facts. He considers himself a conservative-style version of Clark Kent. Follow him on his blog at Four Color Media Monitor or on Twitter at @avigreen1