Industrial Light & Magic’s Hal Hickel “Star Wars Is NOT About War”



Hal wonders if the backdrop is for a show about a Mandalorian.


In response to ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel accusing others of not knowing what Star Wars was all about because Ben Shapiro dared to state the obvious, our good friend Chi Huavara asked a perfectly reasonable question:




Here’s the image that Chi posted, taken from a 1988 interview with George Lucas from Starlog Magazine:




Hal would desperately like to answer Chi’s question with something containing the political buzzword “inclusion/inclusive,” but the image of the George Lucas quote prevented him from doing so.




A bizarre answer given that war is usually about excluding people from something. Chi wisely posed this quandary to Hal:




You read that right. Hal believes that Star Wars is not about war.


This despite the fact that the franchise has the word “war” in its title, and despite the fact that every film features a major battle in a larger war that all of the primary characters actively fight in on-screen. And despite the fact that only a few posts earlier, Hal was presented with a scan of an interview where George Lucas specifically refers to Star Wars as a war film. This is the kind of abject stupidity that those afflicted with political indoctrination are stricken with.


The sad truth is that Hal has no idea what Star Wars is all about. Which is why he can’t answer the question when it’s posed directly to him.




Hal is all bluster and no substance.


All Hal really knows, is that he wants Star Wars to be about whatever petty political fashion trends he subscribes to at any given moment. But when someone this far up the food chain within Lucasfilm struggles with the basic meaning in the title of the franchise, what possible hope can there be for Star Wars?




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