Indiana Jones 5 Director James Mangold Has Lost His Mind

James Mangold, director the hit film ‘Logan’, was recently hired to be the next Indiana Jones director after Stephen Spielberg departed.


Indiana Jones 5’s production is now well underway, shooting in the north of England, but not Georgia. Harrison Ford, who turns 79 next month, returns as his archaeologist for a final outing in the franchise. However, there has already been criticism of the movie, which follows Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – a sequel that some fans think went too far by nuking a fridge and introducing aliens, among other odd creative decisions.



But earlier this week, one of our friends and contributors Matthew Kadish (of Salty Nerd Podcast) made a benign tweet that didn’t show confidence about Mangold’s upcoming Indiana Jones sequel, commenting on why he isn’t hopeful for the picture. It should be noted that Kadish didn’t tag the Indy 5 director in the tweet, or anyone related to the production for that matter.


To anyone thinking #IndianaJones5 might be good, just let me point out…

1. Steven Spielberg is not directing.
2. Kathleen Kennedy is producing.
3. Harrison Ford is 78 years old.
4. It’s written by Jonathan Kasdan, who wrote SOLO.


As the Newsbusters website noted “each of those are bad omens”


Spielberg’s filmmaking magic not being present is a net loss. Kennedy is the producer that helmed the woke-ified Disney Star Wars trilogy, so that’s a potential dumpster fire. Harrison being old means it will be hard for him to be believable as an action lead, and Kasdan is the guy that thought it would be cool to write famous sci-fi ladies man Lando Calrissian as a robot-loving pansexual in his Solo script. 

To add to Kadish’s list, Mangold is a lefty who would alter the production of his films based on politics as well. In response to Georgia signing GOP-supported election security laws in March of this year, Mangold tweeted, “I will not direct a film in Georgia.” 



Once Matthew’s critical tweet showed up in the director’s orbit was the moment when Mangold lost any and all semblance of “cool” and proved he was thin-skinned. 







Others weighed in,  including Comics Matter w/Ya Boi Zack who sort of played Devil’s advocate for the clearly stressed-out Mr. Mangold:


WITHOUT RESPECT, WE REJECT- Is Everyone Getting Worse...Or Am I Just Noticing It More?

Others weren’t as understanding:

Indiana Jones 5 Director TRASHES Fans Over Political Opinions - Gina Carano Did NOTHING Wrong


How to damage a huge Hollywood production with a single tweet





Maybe Mr. Mangold should get off Twitter? Maybe be less easily offended or defensive? Or at least take this solid advice from the “Script Doctor,” Mr. Mangold…



We could all learn from the doctor. For what it’s worth, ‘Indiana Jones 5’ (or whatever it’s called) is set for release in cinemas on July 28, 2022.

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