In Spite Of Kennedy’s Denial, Lucas Had Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Plan


When George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, he gave treatments for his vision of what has become commonly known as the ‘Sequel Trilogy’ to Disney’s Bob Iger, Alan Braverman, Alan Horn, and Kathleen Kennedy. Sadly, Disney Lucasfilm saw fit to dismiss George’s outlines altogether and decided to go their own way instead.



I put together this video in an effort to show what Lucas’s vision was using a collection of whatever story fragments I was able to find in interviews and articles to put together the blog post on George Lucas Sequel Trilogy Vision. That blog post turned out to be my highest trafficked blog post, so I decided to produce this video based on it with some additional information. While producing the video, I thought that if the fans had George Lucas’ sequel trilogy treatments, they could write their own fan fiction, or even produce their own fan films based on them. I also thought that fans who have been patiently waiting for 40 years deserved to know how the creator intended his story to end.


George Lucas' Sequel Trilogy Vision



I argue that Bob Iger, Alan Braverman, Alan Horn, and Kathleen Kennedy now have a cultural responsibility to release George Lucas’ Sequel Trilogy treatments to the public.  Star Wars is a cultural icon, and the public deserves to know what its creator had originally intended. I’ve started a petition below, and also included an alternative link in case Youtube decides to copyright flag my video.


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