ILM’s Hal Hickel: “Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee”

Itchy rises from the depths of the Hickel Hole.


About a month ago, I wrote a blog post about ILM Animation Director for The Mandalorian, Hal “Free Speech” Hickel, in which I pointed out that while Hal gives lots of lip service to free speech:




he simultaneously does what he can to restrict free speech:





How very brave and bold of him.


Note that Hal works for the very same company that quietly unloaded Rachel Butera for…speech.


But this is one of the more fascinating aspects of SJW psychopathology. While they like to give lots of lip service to free speech, they simultaneously do whatever they can to restrict and squelch free speech.


Now, they’ll come up with all manner of excuses as to why their restrictions on free speech are excusable, such as “responsible speech,” or “hate speech,” or whatever else it might be depending on the mood of the day. But the reality is that they only support free speech for themselves, and don’t support it for anyone with whom they disagree. This is a universal constant.


I also mocked Hal’s ridiculous assertion that Star Wars is not about War.


That observation seemed to trouble Hal, as about two weeks after that blog post he had a spontaneous Tourettes episode on Twitter where he posted the following:




Hal, lots of us have seen Star Wars in the summer of 1977. You’re not special in that regard. And plenty of us were fans of Ray Harryhaussen before 1977. So you’re not special there either.


So of course no one is going to tell Hal what Star Wars is about or who it’s for. Hal “Free Speech” Hickel only allows people who already agree with him to reply to his posts. This facilitates a wonderful echo chamber, where anything Hal thinks and believes is confirmed by adoring sycophants. Even though, Hal is the guy who can’t articulate what Star Was is about.


But Hal had another brief outburst in regards to my recent tweet:



After monitoring my timeline, Hal “Free Speech” Hickel quote tweeted me:



Hal uses the phrase “tinfoil hat” because he thinks it sounds insulting, but he doesn’t understand what the phrase actually means. Hal is trying to refer to the conspiracy material that Joe sometimes discusses on his show. Conspiracy itself isn’t de facto “tin foil hat” material, because conspiracies are quite commonplace. It’s why we have an FBI and CIA; because bad people get together to do bad things all of the time. And certainly, fringe left wackos like Hal are no stranger to conspiracy theories themselves.


“A vast right-wing conspiracy!” ~Hillary Clinton


So a quick retort to Hal was pretty easy.


Indeed. Hal sees racists everywhere. Except for where they actually exist.


But all of this helps to further demonstrate this very important lesson for younger readers. That leftists want you to think they’re all for free speech, while also wanting to do whatever they can to restrict free speech.


And this is really why SJWs are angry with Joe Rogan. It doesn’t have anything to do with tin foil hats or conspiracy or any of their stated reasons. It has to do with the fact that he has escaped being under their control, to speak as he pleases.



What idiot SJWs like Hal hate most of all, is anything not directly under their own disastrous control. Which is why the activists at Spotify, with the apparent support of Hal “Free Speech” Hickel, are now going to go on strike in an attempt to regain control of Joe’s speech.


SJWs had the same reaction towards George Lucas in the late 1990s, when they attempted to label him and Ahmed Best as racists, which you can learn more about in my documentary on the matter:



SJWs despised the fact that George Lucas had escaped their control in the Hollywood machine. So they attacked him and his creation until they got the juggernaut franchise under their control, after which they attempted to depict everything with the franchise as pure sweetness and light.


Fringe leftists like Hal who talk about free speech engage in these kinds of antics all of the time. It’s a story as old as the hills. This is why it’s important to disregard everything that the SJW says, and only pay attention to what they actually do.


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