IDW Adds Female Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Long Running Series

Now here’s another odd offense that IDW’s inflicted upon a famous, thirty-five year franchise, and whose creators should never have sold to a corporation:


Obviously you can’t make out the character too well in that dynamic shot, but IGN published an article going more in depth about Jennika, revealing that she was Casey Jones’ love interest and a former human Foot Clan member who was betrayed by one of her compatriots after getting stabbed and left for dead.

In an attempt to save Jennika’s life, the Turtles attempted to use the Ooze on her, but it was destroyed, and so they opted to have Leonardo give her a blood transfusion, which had the results of turning her into a turtle… like the others.

The problem, however, is that there’s literally no remnants of her femininity left as a turtle.

But if the following panel from the end of the issue says something:



There wasn’t any femininity to begin with. That looks awfully more like a man undergoing the transformation, not a woman. And even if the figure we see there had longer hair earlier that was cut short, it makes little difference; it’s insulting enough already.


The real travesty here is that instead of bringing in a female turtle into the fold that was memorable, they essentially made a female into a male to further the whole agenda to keep pushing this whole non-binary nonsense that has become a sick fascination with those on the Left. Gone is the more obvious distinctions between males and females, like what was presented in the old show.

That does seem to be the problem now, doesn’t it? Encouraging ladies and gents to “cut off their noses to spite their faces” by pretending to be something they’re not, or deny it altogether. It’s a very repugnant thing to indoctrinate people on, especially if it’s parents doing it. I think the artist who came up with this is the former Ross Campbell, who now calls himself Sophie, and appears to be the primary architect behind this ludicrousness.

And this 95th issue, fascinatingly enough, seems to be getting exploited for get-rich-quick schemes on the net:


The introduction of a new, female team member has caused a surge in demand for the issue. Copies of the issue featuring Jennika’s first mutated appearance have been fetching high prices on the secondhand market. They’re selling on eBay for prices ranging from $32 to $135 depending on the cover. For the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, IDW announced a convention-exclusive printing of the issue featuring an exclusive variant cover. However, pre-orders for the cover quickly sold out. IDW took note of fan demand for the issue and announced that they would not be selling any variant copies of the issue due to safety concerns:

This vaguely reminds me of the 36th issue of Spider-Man volume 2, back in 2001, which was taken advantage of by people who wanted to cash in on the 9-11 theme, in a story containing subtle blame-America messaging. For now, what’s clear is that IDW’s trying to make sales through controversy, though whether or not it actually sells – even in short-term – isn’t clear, and regardless, the way some freaks are taking advantage of it for extra money online is offensive.

I feel very sorry for Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, who sold their Ninja Turtles creations to a corporation years ago, and now, look what’s happened; it’s being exploited by ideologues for forcing agendas down everyone’s throats. The Ninja Turtles fandom deserves much better than this contrived type of storytelling. This also confirms that, even after the previous EIC, Chris Ryall, left his post at IDW, they’re still in poor shape under the current one, John Barber. This is certainly not going to save their flagging fortunes for long.

The vital lesson here for folks who’ve conceived privately owned creations: don’t sell them to corporations and conglomerates, because they’re so poisoned with ideologues, the chances they’ll turn said creations inside-out are very high. The same can go for owners of companies who took pride in their work and don’t want it abused by corporations and conglomerates. IMO, corporatism is exactly what’s gone wrong with industry today.



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Avi Green

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