Hulu Also Cuts Ties with Rick & Morty Co-Creator After Domestic Abuse Charges


Breitbart/AP Wire announced Justin Roiland, the Rick and Morty cartoon’s co-creator who was charged by authorities with domestic violence crimes, has been fired from his job with Hulu:


Hulu on Wednesday became the second television company to cut ties with “Rick and Morty” creator Justin Roiland after felony domestic abuse charges against him were revealed.

“We have ended our association with Justin Roiland,” 20th TV Animation and Hulu Originals said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim division, home to the animated sci-fi sitcom “Rick and Morty,” made the same move, saying in a brief statement that they have ended their association with Roiland.

Squanch Games, a video game developer Roiland co-founded, said on Twitter later Tuesday that he had resigned from the company.



It’s worth noting Roiland once published an offensive drawing of one of Donald Trump’s sons, Barron, about 5 years ago, and R&M’s other co-creator, Dan Harmon, also had allegations of sexual abuse made against him around that time:


Harmon has sexual abuse allegations of his own, including an incident in 2018 that caused him to lose his job with the sitcom Community.


It can only be concluded that the whole R&M franchise is toxic by now, as could be a few other productions Roiland and Harmon have worked on. Maybe the best way to summarize the whole debacle is with this comment made by one of the managers of Udon Entertainment:



Rick and Morty certainly should be boycotted till it officially ends. I’m sure even recent seasons have had their own share of questionable content that far-left scriptwriters in the future are likely to succeed in getting away with up to a point, no matter how tasteless they could be. That’s because wokeists aren’t really so vigilant or socially concerned themselves, unless those writing the gross garbage are conservatives. Which just shows how Hollywood’s hypocrisies continue despite all suggestions to the contrary.


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