How the Hell did Rob Liefeld Get That “Heroes Reborn” Gig?!

Does anyone happen to have a copy of Captain America (volume 2) #1 in the long box? I do and all I can say is … well, just what the title says: How in the hell did Rob Liefeld get that “Heroes Reborn” gig? Cap vol. 2 #1 is just horrendous — a ridiculous homage to one of Marvel’s greatest heroes and an accepted symbol of the United States.


It’s bad enough that Liefeld’s story is wooden, superficial and hollow; it’s insane how bad his art is.


In this “reimagining,” Steve Rogers has a sort of amnesia and has been “looked after” by government highers-up, notably SHIELD’s Nick Fury. Granted, I never collected all of volume 2 Cap (why would I waste my money?), but from what I’ve read, Cap, in the waning days of World War II, vehemently disagreed with President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb and was essentially “deactivated” from service, which included being given a new life and sort of a “mind-wipe” (hence the “amnesia”).


In the premiere issue, Steve is haunted by nightmares from his “forgotten” past, and notices a gentleman watching him as he goes to and from work. Steve’s job is a seemingly ho-hum factory gig, until one day the gent (“Abe”) who’s been watching confronts him. He takes Steve to a hidden cellar in a building and gives him back … his shield!! But … there are some mysterious operatives who’re right there in an attempt to capture said shield.


And here is where we see Liefeld’s total disdain for any sense of artistic proportionality. Check out the two panels below: In the first we see Steve Rogers standing right next to Abe; notice Rogers is about a head taller than Abe. However, in the second, Rogers is a miraculous half a body length taller than Abe!


And that’s only the beginning. Being a superhero means that Rogers’ physique isn’t gonna change when he’s dressed in civvies. But when Liefeld’s on pencils … it does!! Check out Rogers’ build (top left corner) compared to that of his co-workers below, followed by when he recovers his shield:


Speaking of staggering proportions, if these next set of panels don’t cause you to utter a big “WTF!!??” then I don’t know what will. In the scenes where we’re introduced to upcoming Cap partner Rikki Barnes, we see her brother and … friend:


How is it even remotely possible to look like that?? The dude’s arms are almost twice the size of Barnes’ brother’s torso!! And where does this, er, person buy his clothes?? I mean, check out his shoes, among other items:


The bad guys (of whom Master Man is but one) are mostly unreformed Nazis left over from World War II. Master Man (and a dude who goes by the name Red Skull, not seen in this ish) have set up shop in Philadelphia (the birthplace of the United States — get it?) and have established a political organization called the World Party. The World Party is the Nazi Party, “repackaged” as sort of an “anti-immigration” political force. But … who the hell would follow a political party’s leader that’s dressed like Master Man?? And what, if any, credibility would any political organization have in the United States if it was adorned with the Nazi swastika??


Ah, but you see, this is Liefeld-verse where, if ordinary people can have physiques like those seen above, why not a powerful democracy that somehow would “welcome” an openly fascist force? Was this is Liefeld’s attempt at “getting in tight” with the then-incoming cadre of “progressive” Marvel writers … folks like Mark Millar, J. Michael Straczynski, et. al.? 


And to top this inanity off, how in the f*** did the World Party manage to smuggle nuclear weapons … into a Philadelphia church???



Look at that: We’re not talking about tactical nukes, something that could be smuggled into a suitcase or assembled in the back of a van. The panel above shows five, count ’em, five, fully assembled intercontinental ballistic missiles … sitting in the basement of a church. In Philadelphia. Boy, that “Heroes Reborn” Nick Fury and SHIELD sure were doing a bang-up job protecting America from nuclear terrorism, eh? Couldn’t notice that freakin’ ICBMs were being assembled right in one of the US’s largest metropolises!!


That’s what happens when you’re too concerned with a former American icon regaining his memory!


Are you a Liefeld fan? If so, please explain why in the comments section!

Dave Huber

A ComicsGater long before the term ever existed, Dave is a retired teacher who now concentrates his efforts on exposing the insanity of college political correctness.