Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Still Outperforms The Force Awakens

Pete Fletzer of Around The Galaxy podcast recently tweeted out the following:




Well Pete, that’s because the “Star Wars extremism” that you don’t get… doesn’t exist. People do still like previous installments of the franchise, particularly installments that were produced prior to Disney.


According to Deadline, The Empire Strikes Back led the box office weekend for the recent theatrical re-release:


EXCLUSIVE: For the first time since the February 1997 reissue, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is leading at the box office this weekend after clocking an estimated $175K at 483 locations. Empire should end the weekend with a 3-day take in-between the high $400K and low $500K.


What people don’t like, however, are the subsequent installments produced by Disney. Not even The Force Awakens which was also recently re-released in theaters last week. According to MovieWeb:


Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which remains one of the biggest movies ever and one of a select few to ever cross the $2 billion mark, came in at number eight with $123,000.


From Deadline:


8…Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Dis), 3-day: $123K, lifetime cume: $936.7M/wk no. 238


Here’s some more fun box office facts for your convenience:




Thanks to Scott Ryfun for the tip.


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