How Political Will Whoopi Goldberg’s Menopausal Superhero Comic Be?


One of the most pretentious, insulting entertainers in Hollywood, who for some time has been a host on The View, is now getting into comics writing, according to the US Sun. The premise of her new product is as ludicrous as you could expect:


Whoopi Goldberg shared that she has co-written a graphic novel, called The Change.

According to Screen Rant: “The story centers around Isabel Frost, a wife, mother, and grandmother who feels that life isn’t what she thought it’d be.

“Even though she’s got an amazing support network of family and fellow gamers, things have become stagnant for Isabel.”

It sounds like the comic will include important topics, with the description continuing: “But as her body adjusts to menopause, Isabel finds herself developing powerful abilities.

“With the assistance of her best friend and her comic book-loving grandson, Isabel decides to embrace the new direction of her life and become the Change.”

A first look at the comic book cover has been released, and the main character looks heavily based on 67-year-old Whoopi’s own appearance.


This sounds like little more than a vanity project, and if this is supposed to imply that being past the age of childbirth is something great, that’s insulting too. But what else could one expect from somebody as aggravatingly leftist as Goldberg’s been for many years now?

The UK Mail also notes:


The 67-year-old will co-write the project with television’s Jaime Paglia, who created the Sci-Fi Channel’s Eureka and worked on The CW’s The Flash.

[…] She has an active social circle through her passion for video games, as well as being a married mother with a grandson who adores comic books.

[…] Isabel becomes a superhero called The Change, throwing herself into her new role while relying on the support of her trusty best friend and her grandson.



Even the title is pretty dull, and her partnering with somebody who worked at WB, which has become very woke themselves, ought to be telling something. The Flash TV series may not have been as far-left as the Supergirl TV show sadly became, but considering what kind of people produced both, that’s why it’s dismaying. And then, there’s Goldberg’s own grave PR errors to consider:


Whoopi’s comic book debut opens against the backdrop of a scandalous phase of her career, owing to her crackpot remarks on the Holocaust.

In early 2022 she set off a media firestorm after bizarrely claiming that the Holocaust was not about ‘race’ as ‘these are two white groups of people!’

The Holocaust was based on Nazi theories of race science that classified certain groups, including Jews, as ‘untermenschen’ – ‘subhumans.’

She faced an international deluge of backlash and was suspended for two weeks from her long-running hosting gig on The View.

In the initial wave of blowback, Whoopi issued an apology saying she ‘stands corrected’ and was ‘sorry for the hurt I have caused.’

However she swiftly did a U-turn, discussing the Holocaust with Stephen Colbert on his late-night talk show and declaring: ‘You can’t call this racism.’

Whoopi provoked a fresh round of backlash in December when she told the Times Of London that the Holocaust ‘wasn’t originally’ about race as the first victims were ‘people they considered to be mentally defective.’

She further remarked that ‘you could not tell a Jew on a street. You could find me. You couldn’t find them. That was the point I was making.’

Confronted with another surge of controversy, Whoopi maintained: ‘It was never my intention to appear as if I was doubling down on hurtful comments.’

The Sister Act star was originally called Caryn Johnson but adopted Whoopi Goldberg as her stage name and has insisted she has Jewish heritage.

Meanwhile historian Henry Louis Gates Jr., who has hosted such ancestry-themed TV shows as African American Lives and Finding Your Roots, dug into Whoopi’s family history and was unable to find any Jewish relations.


Wow, so north American Indians aren’t the only ones whose heritage has been insulted by race-fakers. More recently, “conservative” NY politician George Santos was discovered to have lied about being of a Jewish background too. Why, now that I think of it, I once knew a far-left ideologue from Seattle, Washington over 2 decades ago who claimed he was “raised a Jew”, but even that ambiguous statement turned out to be phony. I even once knew another far-leftist woman from Oklahoma claiming to be Japanese, but she too turned out to be a faker who was far more Caucasian. Goldberg’s insults to the intellect even included apologia for Roman Polanskiand also Bill Cosby (according to Rosie O’Donnell, Goldberg and one of the View producers didn’t want to discuss the Cosby issue at all). As the news notes, Goldberg made quite a few flip-flops along the way as well. And now she wants everyone to embrace a new comic she’s co-writing? Sorry, but anybody who can’t take proper responsibility for acting as reprehensibly as she isn’t making a good case why to buy her new comic, one that could very easily build on bad liberal political ideologies.

If Goldberg’s comic flops, it’ll be quite fine. She’s done nothing to prove her resume’s worthwhile, and is only doing a disfavor to geriatrics with her new item. And the idea her protagonist is a video game player doesn’t impress me either, because too many people have been selling out to video games at the expense of literature for many years already.


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