How Much PAIN Can Your Budget Continue to Endure?

A tale of 2 cities by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at on TV?

  • Change the channel.
  • Don’t buy the advertisers products.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at in PRINT?

  • Don’t buy the book/newspaper/flyer/novel.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at on the INTERNET?

  • Stop going to THAT website.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at in AUDIO FORMAT?

  • Don’t listen.
  • Don’t buy.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at in the MOVIES?

  • Don’t go to THAT movie.
  • Don’t support THAT studio.
  • Don’t buy their LICENSED PRODUCTS.

Are you tired of being PREACHED at on SOCIAL MEDIA?

  • Block or Mute THEM from littering your timeline.
  • Cancel your registration with THAT Social Media site.

Are you tired of being PREACHED in POLITICS?

  • Then vote your choice at the ballot.

Are you tired of the NEWS?

  • Then stop going to THAT channel.
  • Then stop going to THAT website.

Are you tired of POORLY produced comic books?

  • Then stop buying them.
  • Then stop supporting THAT company.


Here are some approximate numbers.

  • Cable costs about $100 a month, or around $1200 a year.
  • Printed news costs about $100 a month, $1200 a year.
  • Audio services cost about $50 dollars a month, $600 a year.
  • Products advertised in movies, such as COFFEE and RAZORS, and other such goods end up costing you… a lot!
  • Coffee for example costs about $4 a day, is about $1000 a year.
  • Going out to the, “good,” movies (about 5 a year), costs about $250 dollars a year.
  • Buying toys 5 times a year, because it usually corresponds with you going to the movies, $500 a year.
  • Moderate comic book buyers spend about $100 a month, $1200 a year.

Approximate total is about $6500 a year.

You do your own calculations.
It might be slightly less, it could most likely be more. A lot more! Especially if you are a Comic Book Collector / Reader.

What can you do with all that extra money that you would have if you let go of all the things that you keep complaining about?
What CAN you buy that will make you happy and support MORE of your happiness?

Use your time and money on the things that bring you happiness.

Hit me up on Twitter and tell us how much money ARE you saving and spending towards your happiness.


George Gatsis

George Peter Gatsis is an illustrator and has been hands on producing a wide range of Advertising & Marketing content for the past 20 years. When he isn't creating, George loves to relax, put his feet up and read comic books, watch movies and TV, and eat a plain cheese burger with sweet potato fries. Check out his website and subscribe to his Youtube channel, and follow him on Twitter.