How Much Further Will DC’s Marie Javins Politicize Wonder Woman?


Here’s another puff piece from Den of Geek, telling how DC Comics’ Editor in Chief Marie Javins, and the assigned writers on Wonder Woman related titles, are going to continue with their plans to use a Nubia spinoff as an excuse for LGBT propaganda. One of the most laughable lines that turns up here for starters:


“I wish that was my pitch. But I can’t take the credit for that because [DC Associate Editor] Brittany Holzherr was already all over that,” Javins laughs. That deep passion for Nubia and Diana is shared by the pair, and is shaping the future of the publisher. But for Javins it’s all about expanding what came before. “My whole agenda is to build on things. One common approach people have is to reinvent. I’m not reinventing. We’re just building on the past.”


If they’re using this new book as an excuse to introduce transgender “Amazons”, then unfortunately, they are reinventing. Worst, they’re making it sound as though William Marston was wrong to make the Amazons a female-exclusive island when he first created WW with H.G. Peter in the Golden Age. Here’s more:


While this is the first time that readers have been introduced to them, Javins tells us that trans Amazons have always been on Themyscira. “We are now focusing on stories of Amazons of color and trans Amazons in a world that is more ready to read about them,” Javins says. “But they have always been there.”

It was both a natural and radical choice. Introducing Bia, the first trans Amazon we’ve met in DC Comics, was a huge moment for Williams. Bia belies the comic book tradition of using trans allegory as subtext and instead creates a canon precedent.


This puts the lie to the claim of “not reinventing”. Worst, Javins acts like these are real people she’s focusing on in the books. And how does she know this world is “more than ready” to read the indoctrinating propaganda she’s brewing? She is such a distasteful disgrace, and her approach merely confirms what she means by having an agenda. If Marston and Peter never conceived any trans-Amazons in their time, then you cannot say they were “always there.” Javins has only compounded the perception she’s the kind of ideologue who either can’t distinguish – or deliberately blurs – the differences between fiction and reality. Whoever thought DC could be on the verge of sinking because of a woman who bases her MO more on ideological drive than on entertainment value?


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