How Long Will It Take to Prepare Your Dish?

Recipe For Thought by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.

As always, I am going to assume that you know everything about the MAN GOD THAT WALKS AMONGST US, Chuck Norris and his starring role in STAR WARS, playing the FORCE.

Right lets jump right into this.

I am hungry.

I need to eat.

If you seen me on some LIVE STREAMS, you’ll most likely hear me munching on food of some yummy kind, even when I am drawing or commenting about the news of the day.

So I ask myself the IMPORTANT question:

  • How quickly do I need to eat?
  • Do I raid the fridge and eat a couple of slices of bread?
  • Do I go to a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT and eat in fifteen minutes?
  • Do I order Pizza and wait a half hour?
  • Do I cook a Pasta Meat Sauce Spaghetti Dish and eat in one hour?
  • Do I marinate a rack of ribs, drop it in to the oven and wait a couple of hours?
  • Do I go to an expensive restaurant, where it takes an hour to get a table and a half hour to place the order for an AWESOME LOBSTER DISH, another hour drinking cocktails with a heavy twist of rum and complimentary bread rolls, and another hour to get the food served?

How hungry am I, how hungry are you?

Ok fine. Lets look at this from a different perspective.

So how hungry am I, if I am a starving artist?

Do I go get a job at a restaurant? A werehouse? A graphics agency? A library?

Well if you are paying attention, only ONE job listed in the previous sentence will get you killed. Why would you take a job in a WEREhouse? The WEREwolves will make sliced meats out of you.

So WHAT do you do to survive while you pursue your passion for art? Your passion to make your very own comic book?

You need to get some money coming in.

The economy class idea:

  • Well how about taking ALL YOUR SKETCHES and doodles and making an ART OF ( insert your name here ) BOOK.
  • USE the resource you have in your hands. Just sketch, sketch, sketch and MORE sketch! DO-WEET!
  • Print it out on your personal printer. . . and staple it. . . and photograph it. . . and post it online with a price point THAT TAKES INTO ACCOUNT THE COST OF SHIPPING! Which is usually $15 for domestic, and $25 for overseas, and 100 Billion for other planets within our solar system.
  • And advertise it to people. Donate to ( insert your name here ) and support the effort to creating entertainment for you!

The commercial class idea:

  • Do the economy level idea, BUT go to a DIGITAL PRINTING HOUSE to get your sketch books produced.

The first class idea:

  • Crowd fund the sketch book with a DIGITAL PRINTING PRODUCTION cost and ACCURATE SHIPPING cost included in your pricing.

The co-pilot seat class idea:

  • Get the support of someone you know, who has lots of followers that may support you.

Sooooooooooo… how hungry ARE you?

OH YEAH… some numbers you’ll need to figure out BEFORE you set sail on your journey.

______ how many pages in the book
______ how many books do you want to print

______ $ cost of the cover art
______ $ cost of the interior art ( layout + pencils + inks + color )
______ $ cost of the lettering
______ $ cost of proof reading
______ $ cost of preparing the files for press
______ $ cost of the printing

______ weight of the comic book
______ weight of the packaging material to mail your comic book (very important WEIGHT is a significant cost when mailing items)

______ $ cost of the shipping material
______ $ cost of mailing
______ $ subtotal

______ $ cost of crowdfunding fees
______ $ total cost

______ $ cost per book ( total cost / how many books )

______ $ cost of your crowdfunding goal ( $ total cost + percentage (%) of profit margin )
______ $ cost of your lowest REWARD ( $ cost per book + ( $ cost of shipping / how many books ) + percentage (%) of profit margin )

______ how long will your team take to produce the book
______ how long will your printer take to deliver the books
______ how long will it take to package up the rewards and put them in the mail
______ subtotal number of days
______ add at least 2 to 3 additional months as a buffer incase of unforeseen circumstances
______ total number of days to deliver the rewards
(very important it’s better to deliver on time or before your estimated date)


1) “percentage (%) of profit margin” is the number that ends up as your profit.
2) since taxes are different around the world, it is not calculated in the formula.
3) cost of items such as TRADING CARDS, BOOK MARKS, T-SHIRTS or ORIGINAL ART  are extra costs on top of the $ cost of the printing.

George Gatsis

George Peter Gatsis is an illustrator and has been hands on producing a wide range of Advertising & Marketing content for the past 20 years. When he isn't creating, George loves to relax, put his feet up and read comic books, watch movies and TV, and eat a plain cheese burger with sweet potato fries. Check out his website and subscribe to his Youtube channel, and follow him on Twitter.