How Long Before Pedophiles Are “Represented” In Star Wars?

Lucasfilm woos a director for their forthcoming Pedilogy.


SJWs have long been caterwauling for the “representation” of various sexual orientations, without regard to whether or not such representations fit the story context of soldiers fighting wars in the stars (i.e. Star Wars).


Well a recent Ted Talk given by naive medical student Mirjam Heine, puts forth the idea that “Pedophilia is an Unchangeable Orientation.”  In a normal world, young naive students are the ones who ought to do the listening and learning, given their lack of real world experience.  But in the backwards world of the SJW, it’s the elders who sit quietly, and who are lectured to by adolescent students.  This of course explains the nature of SJW “wisdom” in general.

Behold the sage advice of wise pedophilia guru, Mirjam Heine:



So as this “evolved” political viewpoint quickly spreads into consensus within the Collective, it can only be a matter of time before writers like Paul S. Kemp are calling people bigots for having a problem with pedophile characters in Star Wars.  Star Wars is for everyone after all.


After pedophiles are “represented,” the next big civil rights stride for Lucasfilm could be bestiality. Will we witness Luke Skywalker mating with a womp rat in an animated short for a kid’s franchise about “space wizards with laser swords?”  The franchise may even make great civil rights strides into necrophilia, if they turn out to be the womp rats that Luke bulls-eyed with his T-16 in Beggar’s Canyon.

Thanks to Ian Miles Cheong for the tip.



Walt Disney Vice President is sentenced to 7 years in prison for child sex abuse.




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