How “Loki” Tricked Me Into Cancelling My Disney+ Sub


The so-called “God of Mischief” has declared himself to be bisexual and gender fluid. Based on the comics, one might argue that he could shapeshift into both women and animals, implying gender flexibility. Bisexuality can’t be argued as anything other than a Disney development because he’s never shown anything that suggests he is sexually attracted to men. But there is one aspect of Loki’s character that definitely appears in all mediums, and it’s this feature that makes his newfound bisexuality so frightening.


Loki has never indulged in sex for the joy of it. His persona is driven by a sense of mission. He’s always used sex as a weapon to achieve his goals. This is why the message underlying his statement in the third episode of the series is such a powerful move by Disney in favor of the Cultural Marxism they admire. They’re teaching impressionable kids via Loki that bisexuality is not only okay, but can even be empowering for those who know how to use it.


Loki’s heroic murder of SHIELD Agent Coulson


The ability to weaponize sex is not a desirable characteristic. When it comes to heterosexual relationships, it’s a complete atrocity. It becomes an incentive to commit sin on top of sin if the “woke” LGBTQ element is included. Unfortunately, Loki is being propped up as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular characters.  Many admirers, particularly young ones, regard him as a wonderful anti-hero for some reason, seeing his impishness as comparable to their own maturing ambitions.


This isn’t a coincidence. Disney made the intentional decision to depict Loki as an LGBTQ “outcast” inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe because they understand how propaganda and indoctrination in schools and entertainment may affect individuals who are already uncertain about their sexuality. The more created LGBTQ characters Hollywood produces, the simpler it is for them to indoctrinate the general public — particularly youngsters — into accepting that lifestyle regardless of their true sentiments.  It’s both conscious and subconscious brainwashing, and it’s quite effective.



Children are being socialized to believe that LGBTQ people are superior. When it comes to sexuality, I’ve often advocated for equality and a conservative “live and let live” attitude. Because people sin, their sins are between them and God. But what we’re seeing more and more of these days is a concerted effort to not only educate people about LGBTQ lives, but to market them as superior to traditional lifestyles. 


Loki is a unique character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who appeals to youngsters. He is an exile from his own Earth who alternates between playing for both sides based on his requirements. He can be a bad man anytime he wants and still be a decent guy when he wants. This sense of independence he embodies relates to the psychological warfare waged against our children, which promotes authoritarianism and collectivism by making them feel like misfits in some manner.



Thankfully, many are turning the show off. Even as the negative reactions grow, we can look back at the director’s remarks and see that this was all part of the plan from the beginning.




Disney is just pouring fuel on the Cultural Marxist fire that’s now burning across the country by making Loki bisexual (even though it was just slight enough to easily edit out for the CCP censors). What’s worse is that it’s all staged for dramatic effect. Loki has always been a straight guy… until now.



I’m done with Disney+. I’ve seen all I needed to see. After the identity politics soaked Falcon & Winter Soldier series, Lucasfilm firing Gina Carano from The Mandalorian, and the former assistant to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein getting her own feminist Star Wars show, I’ve decided to cancel my subscription. My time is way too precious to allow my childhood indulgences to be tainted with political lectures and Marxist programming.


As Brian Niemeier is fond of saying “stop giving money to people who hate you“.

Todd Fisher

Todd lives in Northern California with "the wife," "the kids," "the dogs," "that cat," and he occasionally wears pants. His upcoming release, "Are You Woke Enough Yet?", is the culmination of too much time on social media and working in the film industry.