Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for Disney’s X-Men ‘97 Revival Animated Series


The Wrap announced the mid-90s X-Men cartoon is being revived for Disney Plus broadcast. And who’s in charge of production?


Head writer and executive producer on the series is Beau DeMayo. Supervising director is Jake Castorena and supervising producer is Charley Feldman.

The reason why there’s not much point being enthusiastic is because deMayo, the executive producer who previously worked on The Witcher cartoon for Netflix, is one of west Hollywood’s most outspoken homosexual activists, as this post recorded from a site called Geekiary looks pretty favorably on:


After seeing The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, I tweeted my opinion about how Luka followed Jaskier in the sense that both “straight” characters demonstrated the “Making Homo and Sassy jokes = Haha! Funny!” trope.

That’s when I got a reply from screenwriter Beau DeMayo about how Luka identified as gay.[…]

For those wondering if there is any queer representation in the popular The Witcher series, well there is. From what I know, we have a gay hunter named Mislav (his story involves a lover who took his own life). The sorceress Philippa Eilhart is bisexual. Ciri, a main character from the franchise, is also bisexual. A number of fans are looking forward to seeing how Ciri’s sexuality will be explored in the live-action The Witcher series as she grows older.


And now, this deMayo has been appointed head of a cartoon based on a franchise that’s but one of many that have been hurt by unrestricted LGBT activism, recalling the time when Axel Alonso went out of his way to have a whole gay marriage ceremony written up for Northstar in X-Men nearly a decade ago. Why shouldn’t realists be worried that he’ll see to it the new series engages in LGBT normalization and promotion? I think there’s at least a few more rabid leftists in the production crew to boot, one more reason to feel discouraged.



On a related note, ComicBook says:


Fans of the original X-Men: The Animated Series have always treated it as the gold standard for Marvel cartoons, as it introduced a generation of fans to Marvel’s merry mutants. […]


In what way, exactly? If we were to consider the character designs, they paled horribly next to even the most mediocre Japanese illustrations. And while I recognize fictional characters can’t be blamed for poor characterization, I’ve wondered why Gambit was made into a leading cast member of the 1992-97 series, if only because of how poorly developed he originally was when he began, and why a character like Cannonball from New Mutants couldn’t have been chosen instead. The TV cartoon didn’t boost sales for the comics by any stretch, and considering most X-Men material like Wolverine’s solo book were written for older-skewing audiences, I just don’t see why a cartoon with a similar approach couldn’t be drawn up (IIRC, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics weren’t kiddie stuff either).



But if such ideologues are in charge of the cartoon proceedings in this day and era, there’s no point in expecting the studio to avoid far-left politically motivated storytelling. No matter how kid-friendly or adult this’ll be, extreme politics ruin everything.



Editor: Eric D. July recently shared some social media posts from Castorena, who is the show’s supervising director,  to further confirm this story.


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