Some Comics Stand the Test Of Time

With all of the comic book properties invading TV and movies over the last decade, it’s easy to forget some of the comics you’ve read, especially if they weren’t memorable. Comic book diehards have strong opinions on which are the best comics of all time, what stories are worth reading, and re-reading, and which ones are just forgettable garbage. The industry pumps out dozens of new issues per week, and thousands per year, making it almost impossible for new fans to know what’s worth reading.


Have you ever wondered how you can remember some comics for decades while there are others that you forget within a week? How does a comic book remain memorable and popular for many years after it’s been published?


Even without Marvel Comics and DC Comics, there’s plenty of comics to choose from, in both the superhero realm and beyond. My preference is super hero books.


In this video I discuss my thoughts on why a comic can remain in our minds for decades and make us want to go back to our comic boxes to find it and relive the adventure time and time again while other comics sit and collect dust.


How Comics Stand The Test Of Time

Captain Frugal

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