How Comics Can Actually Improve Your Writing Skills


In most cases, parents and teachers perceive comics as a distraction to students’ academic progress, with a majority seeing them as an immoral and violent influence on young learners. However, Edujungles recommends the importance of comics as these claims are far from reality in influencing the lives of students. This article outlines how comics can improve your writing skills.


Augment your grammar and vocabulary

As a student, in addition to reaping the benefits of essayhub com reviews, there are many benefits of reading comic books which include the augmentation of your grammar and vocabulary. These are essential ingredients in perfecting your write-ups.



While not every essay assignment will demand your creativity, it is almost impossible to find grammatical or spelling mistakes in comic pieces. The comic language might be unfit for writing research papers in college, but these pieces of writing often target young people and are surprisingly accurate in terms of language use and grammar.



Comics will ultimately improve your vocabulary as you might find it unsuitable to apply onomatopoeia in conventional college assignments. Nevertheless, comic books will offer you an opportunity to learn novel vocabularies or words and the way you can apply them in context. Students gain much from reading such works. For instance, you can use some catchphrases from your favorite characters in your daily conversions. However, while such phrases may not apply to write academic essays, characters in many comic books are built around distinct nouns, adjectives, and verbs. This means that students can learn such terms trough their usage to improve their vocabulary. In general, there is so much to learn as you read comic books or enjoy comic works such as films and plays.


Development of Oral Speech

Not only have scholars realized the importance of comics in language teaching, but there is also a widespread endorsement from academicians in the use of this genre in the development of oral speech among learners. Oral speech is commonly used as an informal or colloquial spoken language contrary to the information languages employed in formal literary pieces. Learning about comics allows students to have the opportunity to express their opinions and either agree or disagree with their mates. In understanding and expressing comics, you can be respectful of your mates when they are making their point of view in your speech, especially when they present an opinion that is different from yours. EssayWritingService recommends reading comics that influence positive attitudes, hard work, sharing, and good deeds among students.


One of the best comics to read and watch as a student, which will help in the development of oral speech is “David and the Magic Pearl”. The animation film that was released in 1988 involves a group of tiny aliens visiting the planet Earth to hunt for the magic pearls. In the story, another group including the women hunter and monkeys pursue and trap animals in the jungle as well as catching the aliens.


Elsewhere, Mr. Stealmore has an evil plan of stripping the jungle of its treasure and to bulldoze it to develop a city. David who lives with his family besides the jungle is tasked to salvage the jungle. Many comic texts like “The Magic Pearl” may include informal languages such as “OMG” to mean “Oh my God” and this is the best way to develop students’ oratory skills. The use of the word “creepy” to mean “frightening” is employed in many comic books. Through comics, students can differentiate between real life and horror scenes and can use humor to lighten their narrations.



There were high retention rates after 3 days than those who were presented with the textual novel without graphics. Like graphic novels, comics combine pictures and text to produce a schema or enriched information that is fashioned to be explanatory as much as possible. Therefore, you are encouraged to read comics for memory retention and improve your writing skills.


From the perspective of a pictorial superiority impact, instructors should recommend ways on how to read comic book to have a profound effect on the learners’ memory. It has been shown that reading comic materials often activates students’ long-term memory more effectively compared to auditory or written text. Neuroscientists claim that humans are more likely to process visual information better compared to verbal data. This effect is often referred to as “pictorial superiority impact” which allows humans to analyze vast amounts of visual data. Since comics rely on visual information, the human brain processes this data faster and more effectively because brains are visual processors.


Based on the benefits of comics outlined in this article, it is important to read more comics to improve your writing skills. While some educators and parents may be opposed to students reading and consuming content from comic books and materials, the importance of comics is based on scientific reasoning. In general, comics augment your grammar and vocabulary, help in developing your oral speech, develop your creativity, and help in stimulating memory retention.


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