Here’s Why Disney Just ‘Cancelled’ the Classic Jessica Rabbit


Breitbart says Robert Zemeckis’ famous blend of animation with live action movie from 1988, one which may never get a sequel with the way things are now going at Disney corporation, has been dealt a new blow in a park ride based on Roger Rabbit:


Disney has revamped its Jessica Rabbit scene at Disneyland’s “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin” ride, dumping the cartoon’s classic sexy, scantly clad character.

The revamped — or perhaps devamped — character will no longer be as suggestively dressed as the famed animated sex symbol in the classic 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? And instead of being in constant peril, Disney says the new Jessica Rabbit will be more empowered and “more relevant” to today’s age, according to Yahoo News.

In the ride, which originally debuted in 1993, Jessica Rabbit was kidnapped by the evil Toon Patrol Weasels. And in one segment of the ride, she was seen tied up in a car trunk. But recently, Disney nixed the scene and replaced Jessica Rabbit with barrels of acid.

Jessica Rabbit now appears dressed in a trench coat and fedora instead of her brilliant ruby-red, low-cut dress. And according to reports, a new sign was placed in the ride to inform visitors of Jessica Rabbit’s new role.


So she can’t be a detective while wearing her strapless dress? Basically, that’s what they’re saying when they ditch it for the would-be detective gear, which pales by comparison. It’s one thing to depict her less as a damsel in distress. But why they seem to think the bustier-style dress inherently symbolizes distress is mystifying. Yet it does decidedly make clear what they really think of Wonder Woman’s bustier if this is how they approach the image of Jessica.


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It all reminds me of a recent irony reported by Hello magazine, about Brie Larson, the star of Captain Marvel, produced by what’s long become an affiliate of Disney studios, who’s done some photography where she can be seen wearing a bare-midriff exercise outfit while doing fitness workouts. Now why is it okay to do fashion-model pictures like those, and attend gala conventions wearing fancy dresses, but not wear anything remotely similar in the movie? And why are they allowing this mindset to affect even an animated character? All this does is point out their increasing hypocrisy when it comes to sex and symbols, and why you should save your money and not visit Disneyland anymore.


And if no sequel to Zemeckis’ classic film is planned, that only makes clear what a sad joke this is turning out to be.


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