Please Welcome the Bleeding Fool!


Welcome to Bleeding Fool!


We’re here! In addition to mocking more popular comic book news websites, we’ve decided it’s time to respond to their decidedly progressive liberal politics or flat out boring press release promoters. So here, we are going to focus on what we thinks is important in comics, TV, film, and games news… and when we get political, we’ll frequently calling out the rampant cringe-worthy, virtue-signaling that’s become prevalent in the market and medium these days. And you can count on us to cover geek news on movies, TV, gaming, politics, and comics through commentary, news, and gossip, often from the RIGHT side of politics.


With that in mind, we’re planning to share articles, videos, and podcasts that we feel do a great job of presenting that news and entertainment either in a balanced way, an unbiased way, or libertarian or right-leaning, as well feel the bulk of the current sources are far too left-wing to be considered balanced. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts here so we can get a gauge of your feedback and try to respond.


Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @bleedingfool.


Enjoy the ride and let’s make pop culture commentary and geek media great again!

~ the Bleeding Fools


Bleeding Fool

We cover geek news in regards to movies, television, gaming, politics, and comic books via commentary, news, videos, and ranting. While poking a bit of fun at some of the more highly revered comic book websites, we’ve decided it’s time to respond to either their boring ‘unbiased’ reporting with something a bit more nuanced and interesting, or respond to their decidedly progressive liberal politics with opinions from the libertarian and closer to the right side of the aisle. Follow us on Twitter @BleedingFool